The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why do I spill my guts on the Internet?  This is why-  Thanks Stephanie. 
I spent so many nights at home sitting in front of the computer reading heart baby blogs.  Through them I have found answers to questions doctors never approach, I have found strength, I have found hope, and I always come away feeling blessed.  Maybe someday I will offer the same to another mom with a heart baby. 
Brad and I couldn't bare being at the hospital any longer last night.  It was so hard seeing Logan in so much pain and we weren't able to do anything to ease that.  It takes time to figure out the right combination of pain meds that work for him.  His tolerance is also higher since he just had another major surgery a week ago and has already been on pain meds.  So we went back to the Ronald McDonald House together for the first time last night since we have been here. 
Logan is more restful this morning.  We sit quietly at his bed side watching him, but trying not to disturb him as he is finally resting somewhat peacefully.  We have been warned that today will be a hard day.


  1. So sorry to hear the surgery didn't quite go according to plan! There are so many people praying for Logan and your family -- I know the Lord is watching over you. You're giving your baby the best care possible, and the most love as possible ! Logan has captured so many other people's hearts, maybe that'll make up for the parts of his own that aren't working. ;)

    I hope you got a good night's sleep last night. Good luck today, and give that adorable kid a snuggle for me.

  2. I hope today continues to be peaceful. Knowing what you are going through brings back so many memories! Many times through Severins recovery I had to walk away. But it does get better every DAY!Just know this too shall pass- and it will all be a blur.

  3. Continued love and prayers! I hope Logan recovers quickly and that each day gets better.

  4. Heidi - So sorry for the pain you are feeling. I hope that Logan's pain can be managed well today. Prayers coming your way!

  5. I can understand the stresses you guys are under, but I can't imagine the heartbreak in hoping that Logan could avoid losing his second ventricle's function and then having that dream crushed. I do hope that he is feeling better today so that mom and dad can have a break too. After Grant's Glenn, we were told that the pain he would feel would be intense for a few days while his body adjusted to the new pressures in his head, but I promise, it only took a few days and when he turned the corner, it was incredible. It was like someone suddenly brought back my happy baby. I pray that Logan turns that corner soon so you can see your baby back. I know it wasn't what you were hoping for, but life is still pretty great even with a single ventricle.


    mom to Grant