The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Teeth- Are you kidding me?

As if recovering from open heart surgery isn't enough.... Logan has been visited by the dreadful teething monster.  After refusing to eat yesterday, a mom in tears, doctors examining him, our cute nurse piped in and said, "it looks like he is teething."  Sure enough his little gums are so swollen and you can see a little white point trying to break through.  Poor kiddo.  He had a rough night, which of coarse meant no sleep for either of us.  And then when I would finally get him to sleep someone would come wake him up.  I was the mama bear today and got mad at the resident that came and woke him up after the x-ray and lab had already woken him up.  I keep asking him why this couldn't have happened while he was still on morphine!  Of all the luck!
Logan has been on a hunger strike- we have tried everything.  He nurses for 3 min. and then will maybe take 3-5 bites of baby food.  I think it is the one thing he has control over so he is being stubborn.

Talking on the phone in the playroom.
 We got to take him on a walk in this little carseat/stroller thing.  He has the nurses and doctors mesmerized by his smile.  They all watch for us to walk by and then try to get a smile out of him.  He sizes everyone up to determine if they are going to touch him or poke him and once he decides they aren't going to touch him he will smile for them.
 We had a pizza party last night and watched Elmo.  It was pretty exciting!  (All except the purple jammies- they were all out of blue so he got stuck wearing purple, maybe that is why he is so mad today)!
 It is kind of crappy teething at the hospital because teeth aren't "drug" worthy.  He can have Tylenol, but when I asked for Motrin they wouldn't let me give it to him because it acts as a blood thinner and that wouldn't be good going into another surgery. Tylenol doesn't seem to touch teeth.  So we tried Popsicles, and our nurse last night made teething rings out of the equipment tubing.
 He liked it for about 5 licks- like everything else.
 Aunt Erin came for another visit.  She has to come through 3 states to see us... what a nice Aunt!  (That is so weird to me about the East Coast that everything is so close).  It wasn't a short drive though, and it was so nice to have a visitor and break up the monotony of our day.  We had a nice visit, and have already eaten all the cookies she brought us!

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  1. I know! We are so consumed by their hearts we forget the "normal" baby stuff. I had to talk to the Ped. about Severins ingrown toe nail. I know with everything else my kid has done his toe nail should be the least of my worry. I think it was just one thing I thought I could do something about. It sounds like you have had a good streek of nurses. Yeah for stroller rides and nice Auntie visits