The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Look Who's Walking!

I know it has been awhile.  I keep telling myself these happy times are the times to be documenting.  We don't want to only remember the hard times of sickness and hospital visits, but the good/ fun times too.  Logan started walking the DAY after he got his tubes.  NO exaggeration.  We were all standing in the kitchen eating grapes and he decided he wanted one so up he went and walked right to Ashlyn to get one of her grapes.  The kids and I just sat there with our mouths open all wondering if that really just happened.  Then we screamed and clapped and made a huge deal of it.  We sent pictures to Dad at work, and got the video camera out.  It was a happy day.  Although after this he COULD walk, he still chose to crawl for the most part unless we made him walk.  Then about 2 weeks ago he finally decided walking was cool, and is now all over the place. 
I missed posting all of our fun Halloween pictures, and fall outings... maybe I will catch up soon.  We have LOVED not having ear infections.  The tubes have made a world of difference.  I think we have only been to the doctor for synagis shots and follow ups for his tubes.  His balance and equilibrium seemed to improve drastically by the tubes, we were hoping to see some improvement with his speech also, but that is coming a little more slow.  He signs and makes animal noises, but doesn't have very many words.  It will come though, and he seems to be improving each week.  He is at the tantrum stage because he knows exactly what he wants, but doesn't have the words to tell me. 
We are excited for Christmas this year, and have really enjoyed time together as a family.  I often find myself thinking back to Christmas last year.  We were preparing for our trip to CHOP for his surgery,  leaving 2 days after Christmas.  It added a whole new dimension to the stress of the holidays.  But it also added a different feeling to the season.  We weren't worried about presents and parties, we were 100% focused on family.  I would never want to relive this past year, but upon reflection I would never trade the experiences we had for anything.  I have the most tender feelings when I think about all of it. 

I love this picture of Logan with my Mom.  He absolutely adores her, and she is pretty fond of him too!  She has come out to our house EVERY Sunday to watch Logan so Brad and I can go to Church with Ashlyn and Tanner.  (We tried taking him for a few weeks, and he ended up sick every single time).  Today when we got home from church they were sitting on the couch together, and my mom said, "He didn't eat his lunch very well, but he wanted a cookie so I gave him one!"  No wonder he loves her so much!
He has a way of finding trouble and mischief anywhere he goes.  And by kid #3 I think I have learned to not freak out and maybe laugh about it and grab the camera.  I will be cleaning up messes regardless so we might as well have a memory to laugh about.  We have plenty of these.  He is constant entertainment (and a constant mess maker)!