The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A quiet Sunday

It has been a relatively quiet day today.  I find it hard to believe we will have been away from home 3 weeks tomorrow. 
Logan has had a better day today- thanks to Morphine.  I knew all day yesterday the medication they had him on was not working, but the nurse kept trying to convince us it was working.  I finally demanded we go back to morphine, and now today she apologized for not listening to me sooner.  He is having a much more peaceful day.  He is sleeping, and isn't sleep the best thing to heal the body?
His swelling is going down in his head.  We had to put new stickers on his face today to hold on his oxygen because the old ones had moved so close together from his head getting smaller.  He is down from 4 liters of oxygen to 1 liter of oxygen.  They have been weening that slowly each day, but yesterday he couldn't tolerate it at 1 and today he is doing great with it (his sats are between 75-80%).  He also started nursing today for the first time in over a week!  So the doctor let us turn off the IV's. Yeah!  One less thing to get tangled up in (you only understand if you've tried to hold a baby hooked up to a million different things, it can get to be a really tangled mess).  Tomorrow will be one week from surgery #2.  They usually see the pain under control from this surgery a little sooner than this, but Logan is recovering from 2 surgeries so that could be the reason.  He will start feeling better soon.  We hope to be transferred out of ICU tomorrow- that is one step closer to home.  Eating was a big milestone, once we get the pain under control and oxygen sats a little higher we should be good to come home.  I am so anxious to come home, but so nervous at the same time.  I wasn't prepared to bring Logan home a single ventricle baby.  I have to admit I am scared, he is so so fragile.  I don't know how I will balance life anymore.  I would like to think things will just go back to how they were before, but I know this won't be possible at least for awhile.   
Sunday's seem to be the day when the most visitors come to the hospital.  It was busy around here today.  I only got sad when I saw the Grandpa's with white hair... it made me sad Logan's grandparents can't be here to hold and snuggle him.  I am sure they will make up for it when we get home.  We joke that his grandma's are going to have to take shifts just sitting and rocking him because he is so used to being held all the time now.  I know both Grandma's would not oppose the idea. 
Ashlyn and Tanner got to take a road trip with my parents to Wyoming to my sisters house for a baby blessing.  The whole family called us via Skype and sang us crazy songs and got to see Logan at one of his better moments.  It was fun to see them.  Ashlyn and Tanner have been kept really busy.  The only thing that makes missing them bearable is knowing how much love and attention they are getting.  It is funny, every time we talk to them they don't really care about seeing Brad and I, they only want to see Logan.  He will probably have culture shock when we get home from all the attention he will get from them!
A few pictures from yesterday...

Our trick to getting food in Logan yesterday was distraction at its finest!  We would sit him up and let him watch Baby Einsteins while we tried to get him sucking on the bottle.  Sheesh... the hoops we jump through for this kid to eat!
 Baby Einstein NEVER gets old to this kid... Mom and Dad on the other hand want to pull their hair out!
 He still has his chubby little legs!  ( a rare thing in heart babies)
 Getting kisses from Mom, and his oxygen hanging out of his nose!  His head is shrinking!
 We were so excited to see him sleeping peacefully last night after we changed over his meds.  It was the first deep sleep in a day and a half.
 Brad tries to act tough, but he really is a softy!
 Trying to keep Logan calm (yes, again with Baby Einstein) for a blood pressure.  He is probably going to associate those movies with pain after this.


  1. Oh SO many wonderful things in this post! I'm glad today was a good day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings and sweet pictures.

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  3. We are so thankful that you have a blog. We are interested in how things are going. We send our love. You are all in our thoughts and prayers constantly. After hearing us pray for Logan, our Ella prays for him too. We hope you will be home soon. Love, Byron, Lisa and Ella

  4. Yeah yeah yeah for Morphine! And atleast you get to watch Baby Einstein, Braden would only mellow out for Teletubbies- ouch. And yes he will be spoiled rotten and rightfully so!

  5. Once again, I feel your "pain" - although it's not so much pain this time, I can just relate - to the Baby Einstein (which goes on continuous play at our house for hours, every day), but especially to the hoops you get to jump through to get your kid to eat. I just hope for you that Logan gets past that stage before you leave the hospital. I think Enzo not eating may have caused me more stress combined than him being in the hospital. I'm so glad Logan's doing better and keep praying for you to get to come home soon.

  6. I love all the pictures! I'm glad Logan is feeling a bit better. I hope all goes well and you are able to come home soon.

  7. Forward motion is great! I think he will heal in leaps and bounds from here on out. I hope you and Brad go out to dinner to celebrate SURVIVING this week. Take care of eachother!