The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pink Eye??? And back to CCU

Logan is prone to "goopy" eyes.  They come and go, and sometimes we think it is pink eye other times we think it is just a clogged tear duct.  He started getting goopy eyes the other night, and his nurse thought it looked like pink eye so we got put on Contact Precaution.  This means that anyone entering our room has to put on a new gown and gloves.  Our poor nurse probably goes through 50 gowns a day.  If she walks out into the hall to even grab a piece of paper she has to put on a new gown so they don't spread this to anyone else.  After the first day Brad and I could tell them it wasn't pink eye.  It only gooped when he cried, and his eyes didn't turn red, but they have to get it cultured before they take us off precaution.  At first we thought this was lame, but then we came to realize this is GREAT!  It means until we are off precaution we are in a private room... so we'll take it.

 Look at Logan's face.  I love it- he was trying to ignore the doctor!
 They decided today this little guy is doing well enough to move out of intensive care and back to the CCU.  We were really nervous to move again, but after 3 doctors coming in and reasurring us they were keeping a really close eye on him we moved.  Before they moved us they took him off his oxygen and monitered him for awhile.  He did great.

 Back to CCU in our new room, and it is so much easier to hold him.  No more oxygen and the IV isn't going 24/7.  That is less cords to have to work around- it makes for much easier snuggles.


  1. Yay! He looks so much better! Good luck with the Cath today, I know the doctor's will find the best possible solution for Logan.

  2. What a handsome boy! I hope the cath is perfect and no more surgeries.