The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cardiac Cath

The fluid on his lungs has improved enough for a cath today.  We are in the starvation phase right now- keeping his belly empty so they can sedate him (thankfully he is sleeping at the moment with Brad rocking his crib).  This poor little guys has got to be so confused.  We jump through hoops trying to get him to eat, and then when he starts eating we deprive him.  If I didn't know all of this was completely necessary to help my baby live I couldn't do it.  They have run out of spots to take blood, his arms and feet are covered in bruises, the IV team has had to come at least once a day sometimes twice a day to save his IV because there is no place else to put it.  All of this is to help him, but I have to admit it only gets harder to watch it.
This cath is a big deal.  This is going to tell the doctors what the next step will be.  His heart won't make it functioning how it is, so we need some kind of intervention.  Brad and I were talking yesterday about everything that has been going on.  Neither one of us are questioning our decision to come here.  We really feel like Logan is getting the BEST care for him.  These doctors are amazing, and I feel like they all genuinely care about Logan.  We have 15 different doctors that know him by name and are working to find the best thing for him.  They are looking at it from ALL angels. 
As I was reading my scriptures last night, I was reading in Mosiah and this verse really stuck out to me 8:18 "Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings."  I don't know if Dr. Rome (his cardiologist here that is performing the cath) or Dr. Spray, his surgeon, are religious men.  But I feel like they are blessings from a Heavenly Father who loves his children and has made it possible for miracles to happen on this earth and in this hospital to benefit so many.  My prayer today is that my faith, and yours, will guide them to make the best decision for Logan.  So as you pray today please not only pray for Logan, but for his doctors.


  1. We've been thinking about and praying for Logan and your family. It sounds like you are in the best care possible with many loving and experienced doctors hard at work.

    Thoughts and Prayers,
    Mike Patton
    Intermountain Healing Hearts-VP