The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cardiology appointment

We had our follow up appointment with Logan's cardiologist here in Utah yesterday, and all looks good.  His lungs look great, and heart function looks how it should.  His saturations are still low, but manageable (averaging about 73).  He is having some withdrawal symptoms from being on narcotics for a full month so the doctor is helping us with a more gradual weaning schedule.  It was funny listening to the doctor try to tell us in a nice way that our son was having addiction withdrawals.  We have an 8 month old that is a recovering addict... as if there isn't enough for him to deal with.  It is such a vicious cycle.  But today has already been better.  He slept a solid 3 hours last night- that holds the record since we have been home.  My parents called this morning to see how the night went and my answer was, "I just feel like I was hit by a truck today, not hit and backed up over and hit again like I usually do)!
The doctor was comfortable taking his lasix down to 1x a day, and we will go back on Monday for labs to see if his potassium and sodium levels have improved.  The cardiologist doesn't want to see Logan for another 3 months- Brad and I sat there with our mouths open and asked 3 times if he was sure that was okay.  His pediatrician will see him every other week for awhile and we are suppose to call if anything changes.  He didn't have any answers on how long Logan will need to be on oxygen or if he will ever be off oxygen until his next surgery (it is different for every kid).  So we will see how his body adjusts and take it one day at a time.
But I guess overall it is a good report. 


  1. Lol. He and Braden can join NA together. We had our addict at 4 months, withdrawal was harder on me to watch than anything. Glad you get a break from cardio for a bit!

  2. I think our Cardios want to get rid of us. As eating goes have you tried more chunky/solid food? Things he can pick up or hold. Severins OT just gave him Mum Mums and the Earths Best biscut and he is loving them. Maybe Logan would benefit from OT, ask your Ped.

  3. Good news from the cardiologist. It seems so strange to have the visits spaced out so much after spending so much time in hospitals, bimonthly echos, etc. But truly, after the Glenn they are so much more stable. Logan will just continue to improve to his big bad self. And, hopefully start sleeping through the night soon!