The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Monday, January 17, 2011

One Week

Today marks one week since Logan's latest surgery, 20 days in the hospital (13 of which have been in ICU), and 3 weeks since we left home.  I don't think we will ever forget January 2011. 
We were on the list to move out of ICU today, but then this morning Logan's saturations dropped drastically and his nurse panicked because it took way too long for his levels to come back up.  (Brad and I think it was just a bad reading, but they don't take any chances in the ICU).  So she went and got the doctor and they all came to check him out.  After another X-ray and getting his labs they decided all was okay.  His heart function looks as it should and his lungs are clear.  Dr. Rome also came in this morning during the 30 min. when he was really unhappy (he had just gotten his pain meds and they needed to kick in) but he was not happy that his sats were still as low as they are and that he is still in so much pain.   So we are still hanging out in the ICU.  On a positive note though, he is eating so much better.
Logan is sleeping most of the time.  We try to stretch out the time for pain meds from 4 hrs to 5 hrs, but we have only made it to 4 1/2 hrs.  We get about an hour of eat and play time before he is ready for another 2 1/2 hour nap.  Things are pretty exciting around here.  We went out to get some fresh air during one of his naps and it was SO cold we ended up running just to keep warm.  The University is in full swing now.  It is crowded and crazy on the streets.  I can't believe how young college kids look... when did I get so old?  I think I have aged 10 years this past year.
We did hear the first words about plans of going home today.  The doctor said he would have someone come work with us on figuring out how to get oxygen for the flight home.  Brad did glance at available flights for the end of the week, but we aren't holding our breath.  We are doing our to not get stir crazy.

Logan relaxing getting his O2 tubing wrapped all around himself.
 We have probably started a really bad thing...cookies.  Brad is to blame, but it helps keep him calm enough for a blood pressure reading- sometimes!  He now watches everything that goes into our mouths and waves his arms if he sees cookies!
 A walk around the CICU... yipee!  He has officially won the award for cutest baby, and it is now a game to see how many nurses or doctors can get a smile out of him.
 "If daddy eats me, I'll pull his hair!"
 A change of scenery... the floor.  It makes playing with toys more fun (and I don't have to do the laundry to wash all the blankets we sat on).


  1. He's so cute! Moving him to the floor makes so much sense, especially since you don't have to clean the linens! Hope my care package makes it before you go, if not I'll ship it to your house after I get it back

  2. Such a cute little thing! I hope you can go home soon! You have all been in my prayers and my kids are praying for Logan now too. I hope his stats stay up and you are able to keep moving forward. Hang in there! You are amazing!

  3. Oh, I remember thinking the same thing - about the young college kids. I look at pictures of myself pre-diagnosis and am certain I've aged 10 years. I like to say that I look wiser, not older ;)

    Logan is looking great. I know they like to rush these kiddos and set timelines, but really, each babe goes at their own pace. They always extubate Zoe immediately and are surprised at how slow she is on the uptake. I tell them every time that it takes her a little while to level out, but they of course want immediate results (as do I, but I know they will have to wait.)

    Glad you are getting out and about and letting Logan experience the hospital and not just laying in bed all day.

    Lucky for us, Zoe's surgeries fell in the Spring and Fall. Knock on wood that we'll be just as lucky for her Fontan. I loved my morning/afternoon walks to the Starbucks on Spruce.

    Oh, and as far as the oxygen goes, CHOP uses Oxygen to Go. Last visit, we had to scramble because they were out of portable oxygen containers. They have a coordinator that will figure all of that out for you. Heads up, discharge planning is a pain in the rear. Hopefully you have a great CCU nurse the day before/day of discharge, otherwise it can be a bit stressful.

    Take care, sending happy thoughts to you guys each day.

  4. January may be memorable, but you won't remember it. Johnathen brought home his January reading calender, when I went to change it out for the Dec. one I realized the last one I had was November! Proving once again December is a blur. I'm glad they error on the side of caution from moving him out of ICU. Don't give up the 1 on 1 nurse until you have to. Don't say the "H" word until you are on the plane! I know I have become sooo superstitious. Logan looks to be coming back around. Tubing is the BEST toy. I'm going to keep some around just for fun! Even my older kids like to gnaw on it a bit, and get all tangled up. Don't worry about the cookie thing. The most important thing is eating right? Have A Wonderful Day!

  5. Logan is looking SO happy. I'm glad things are on the upward swing. I'm with Angee on the cookies - whatever he wants! He deserves it.
    Love and Prayers,