The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Virus from....

You can fill in the blank! 
 Logan was lucky enough to have the nasty hand, foot, and mouth virus find him this summer.  We had heard it was running rampant around the valley, but had thought we had escaped it... that is until the 24th of July. 
Logan woke up so ornery and felt a little warm, but only had a mild fever of 99 degrees, so I thought maybe he had just over exerted himself at the zoo the day before.  He fell asleep as I rocked him (he never does that) and when he woke up he spiked a fever of 105 (and that was with ibuprofen already in his system).  I was freaking out just a tad!  I  hurried and put him in a luke warm bath with a  popcicle, and got his temp down to 103 and took him into the Doctor.  At this time his only symptom was a fever so I was stumped. 

Since it was a Holiday (Pioneer Day here in Utah) his Doctor's office was closed so I took him to their "sister" facility that has access to all of his records.  Worst Dr. experience EVER.  If I would have had to pay a dime I would have demanded it back.  The doctor came in and after I told him what was going on and briefed him of Logan's heart diagnosis, he looked afraid to even touch Logan, and said, "Well, I am not an expert in kids with Hypoplastic hearts because everyone I have ever known with that has died."  Yes, he said that to me with my 2 year old with HRHS sitting on my lap.  My jaw dropped and I just stared at him and said, "You NEVER say something like that to a mom."  In the Doctors defense I don't think he meant to have it come out like that and he really started back pedaling, but by this time he had lost all credibility with me.  I told him to look in his ears and run a strep test and I could monitor the rest.

Anyway, this was the WORST virus we have ever dealt with.  He had blisters all over his tongue, down his throat, all over his mouth, arms, hands, feet, legs and bum.  So he couldn't eat, he didn't want to sit on his bum.  It was brutal.  And his mouth hurt so much that even the pain meds hurt to eat with all his blisters in his mouth.  It took a full 2 weeks for him to start feeling better.  He got really good at saying the word "owie." 

Poor kid.

The Silver Lining of it all though.... he kicked the binky!  (Okay so I thought it was a good thing, but now I am really missing his "plug!")  I thought he would have his binky until he was 5, but with all the sores in and around his mouth he didn't want it, so we decided it was the best time to get rid of it.  And even though we tried to only give it to him and nap time, since we have taken it away he has been talking so much more.  So crappy virus, but yeah for kicking the binky!