The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, January 27, 2011


That is what we are trying to do... survive.  Brad went back to work yesterday so I have been flying solo during the days.  It has been a little harder than I expected.  Ashlyn and Tanner have been great.  They asked for lunch yesterday and it only took me an hour to get it for them.  My dad rescued them (and me) yesterday, and my sweet neighbor took both Ashlyn and Tanner all day Tues. and today.  Logan just requires MY attention 24/7- so many people offer to help, but he is a little stinker and doesn't want anyone else to hold him.  Brad's parents came by to see him yesterday and he would sit by Paula, but wouldn't let her hold him.  He let my mom hold him if she kept walking and singing non-stop... spoiled little guy!  I just keep telling myself it is temporary, and it is better than the hospital.  I did sleep better at the hospital though believe it or not- there I knew someone else was watching his monitors, now if his alarms aren't beeping at night to wake me up I am waking up to check why they aren't beeping!  His O2 sats still aren't great, and if he gets mad and cries a lot it takes a long time and lots of O2 to get them back.
We saw his Pediatrician on Tues. and his labs still aren't good enough to stop the yucky medicine, but everything else went okay.  He threatened Logan that if he didn't start eating something more than breast milk he would have to put in a feeding tube- he ate a jar of Sweet Potatoes the next day.  He has dropped from the 30th percentile in weight to about the 12th (12% is great for a heart baby, most don't ever make it onto the growth charts, but you just don't want to see it drop).  So we are working on any kind of food he will eat (even cookies)!
We get into our eating around here....
a jar of sweet potatoes was monumental though, it deserved a picture!
(and yes he did have a bib on at one point, but he ripped it off and it wasn't worth the fight)
 Ashlyn thought today if she showed him how it was done he could copy her- it actually worked.  He wouldn't drink out of a sippy cup before, today he did.


  1. Heidi, I'm so glad you're home. Logan looks soooo much better. I'd offer to come over and hang out and help with your other two kids, but Enzo's sick and I know you don't want the germs at your house. I'm taking him in to Dr. Lei today and he has his sedated echo Tuesday. As soon as we're all better, I'll come over and give you some company and help with whatever you need.

  2. Three kids is HARD, but when one is a heart kid, the English language does not have a word to decribe it. Hang in there!