The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Steps and Pictures

Logan is taking baby steps every day.  The littlest things are HUGE!  And as long as we keep going in a positive direction little steps are okay with me.
This is how we have spent the last 4 days... in the rocking chair (my rear end is going to be huge).
Tuesday (1 day post-op)

 Wednesday (2 days post-op)

 Thursday (3 days post-op) Looking so much better today.
 We call his IV hand his club.  It works great to hit people away!
 Logan showing his feisty side.  He got a hold of me and wasn't going to let go for anything!

He finally let dad hold him again!  Dad doesn't have the attention span to sit in a chair for hours though.
He even snuggled with his nurse Rachel (after I saw this I was able to leave again for another night of sleep).

Friday (4 days post-op).  Today has been a good day.
He ate 2 oz. Wednesday, 4 oz. Thursday, and so far today has eaten 5 oz.... we are trending in the right direction.  Keep going buddy!  He is also off all his sedation medication and going 4-6 hrs between pain meds.
He has sat up in his crib on his own today and played for a minute.  This is HUGE progress.
Ashlyn mailed us these pictures.  They brighten our room.  We have had fun talking to the kids on Skype.  I have been able to read them books, they sing us songs, Ashlyn plays the piano for me.  It makes missing them bearable.  And we keep sending stuff back and forth in the mail.  I never dreamed we would be here long enough to even be able to send and receive mail!  We will be out of here before we know it.


  1. So SO glad to see Logan doing a little better. I'm also glad you've been able to get some sleep. We'll keep praying for things to continue in a positive direction and for you guys to get to come home soon!

  2. He looks so good! I put that packacge in the mail today, so hopefully it will be there Mon or Tues! Yeah for Kindle-btw- I love his little cub hand. Cute cute cute.

  3. Great progress, Logan! Continued prayers for a speedy recovery and discharge home. Isn't the recovery amazing (or so you will think in the next few weeks.) One day makes a big difference. Zoe's head looked exactly the same. Poor little babes.

    Keep up the good work mom and dad.

  4. What a great little Superman! Punching people out and takin' on mom, even on sedation and meds :) Can't keep a good kid down!
    Oh, and like I said before, of course Rachel is his best most favorite nurse EVER!!!
    SO happy he is doing well and trending in the right direction, you look fabulous as always.

  5. I know the whole tush thing! My butt and back hurt the most from sitting, sitting, all day long(to the tune of Willy Wonka Chewing, chewing all day long) It still plays in my head to the tune. Onward Logan just as a Super Hero should!