The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A better day

I am happy to report today is better than yesterday.  We were moved this morning to a private room (that could have something to do with the crazy mom that was crying all night and that hit the nurse button no less than 10 times to let them know the other baby's monitors or nurses had woken Logan up... yet again.) They moved us at 7 am when another baby was transferred- the squeaky wheel gets the oil right?  So we didn't get any sleep last night, but Logan is making up for it with plenty of good naps in our quieter room now.
Logan is staying about the same.  I can't get used to his new blue look.  It catches me off guard sometimes when I am looking at him.  His eyes, lips and ears are the most noticeable and then his little finger tips.  I hope he is able to adjust and feel comfortable with is new levels so he can feel like smiling and laughing again.  We haven't gotten any smiles out of him today.
Maybe one of these days we will get the dot stickers even!
We had to increase his oxygen today.  They tried having him on room air yesterday, and he didn't do well.  So he is back on 1/4 liter keeping his sats around 75-77%.  We are really hoping for those to improve.  I think he just needs a good dose of Ashlyn and Tanner to get his lungs working a little harder! We have an echo and x-ray scheduled for tomorrow- crossing our fingers all looks well.


  1. Um have you read the email I sent you, pretty sure crazy comes with the territory. WooHoo for 1/4 O2 that is fab! Hopefully you won't have too many more times to practice getting those dumb dots straight. It's like piggy tails but you can't redo the dots.I am hoping the "blue" goes away in the summer after a good tan. Our boys are white boys.

  2. Glad today was a better day! Hope all the tests come back with good results! Still in our thoughts and prayers constantly!

  3. Yay for private rooms! I'm using your "technique" next time we're in-patient and get stuck with a roomie!

    1/4 liter is good. Zoe was stuck at 1/4 liter for a few days. She took her sweet time shaking it...when all we wanted to do was GO HOME!

    Logan's sats will improve once home. Zoe was discharged at 83 in Sept. and is now consistently 94.

    Prayers for a good echo and xray tomorrow and a plan to return _ _ _ _. (four letter word that starts with H and ends with E.) Heart hugs.

  4. Brad - You two are amazing parents and I admire you both. Remember to take care of yourselves too. You are in my prayers.(We all miss you at work!) XO Sue B

  5. Owen has had those dots for two years and they are never adds character. The sats doi improve with time, but the blue lips and nails don't change. I'm glad you got ga private room because it makes a world of difference! Get some rest and hopefully you'll be Utah bound soon.