The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cath Results

The Cath went well.  They were able to do it without sedating him completely- they were able to just give him medication through his IV instead of having to put him completely under and intubating him.  That made us happy.  They measured the pressures in the Right Atrium and the gradient across the Tricuspid Valve.  Both were way too high.  So they put a balloon in and popped a stitch in his atrial wall making his ASD larger to try and take some pressure off the valve.  This seems to be working so far.  The downside to this is it allows blood to go to his body that has not been to his lungs.  So his oxygen saturation levels dropped quite a bit.  His sats are hanging out now between 79-83.  This is something Logan has never had problems with.  His sats have always been really high.  He still has his rosy cheeks, but his lips do look a little bluish.  They gave him a blood transfusion to try and help the count go up and also help with his anemia.  We are on the wait and see plan right now.  They need to see if his heart can hold its own as they cut back his diuretics.  He is on IV lasix right now and they need him to transition to oral.  So the plan is to cut those back and watch him through the weekend doing another echo, x-ray etc. and then on Monday they will either tell us we are good to go home, or he will have another surgery on Monday.  

They took us off quarantine for a little while and we got to take him to the playroom.  His IV has been in his right hand so he is learning to play with his left.  It has been a challenge finding toys he can play with with only one hand.  He was so hungry though he had a hard time enjoying the playtime.

 The snuggles before the hand off (it only gets harder the more you do it).

After the Cath- SO  excited to eat again.
 He had to have the leg they entered for the Cath completely straight for 4 hours- he was not holding still in the bed so I got to hold him the WHOLE time.  I finally got him to sleep so I sat in that chair for 3 1/2 hours without moving.  I thought I was going to die! 
 A No No on one leg, blood pressure cuff on the other, and IV's in both arms- he was extremely immobile.
Hooray!  The IV out of the right arm and the no no off the leg- he sat there and just lifted his arms and legs so excited to move them.


  1. I laughed about the sitting for 3 1/2 hours, I'm sure your butt fell asleep. Oh the memory still hurts! We are praying it is a mello weekend. Logans sats are the same as Severins, we just get used to a new shade of blue. In looking back over pre-Glen pictures I realized he was almost grey. So 83% looks pink on him. Be strong Logan! Be strong Dad & Mom.

  2. Our kids pray for "baby logan"several times a day! Lots of love and prayers for you guys! Hopefully things go well this weekend so you can come home!

  3. Praying for a quiet weekend and for good news on Monday! Lots of love to all of you!