The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Friday, March 25, 2011

Heaven Has Gained Another Angel

The week after we returned from Philadelphia we were told about a family that had moved into our neighborhood that were expecting a baby with CHD.  We were able to meet Bryan and Carrie shortly after. I have been so humbled, and my faith strengthened by knowing this great family. 
I would meet Carrie in the hall at church and we would cry and talk about our special heart kids- both named Logan.  Their Logan had a different journey planned for this earth though.  When I met Carrie she was 7 months pregnant and the doctors had told her that her baby's heart defects were so severe that surgery was not an option.  My heart broke every time I thought of what they had to face as a family.  I have been amazed at the insight, faith, and peace I have felt in EVERY conversation I have had with Carrie- here I was trying to be a support to her, and I felt like she was always reassuring me and strengthening me.  Carrie and Bryan were hand picked as the BEST parents to such a perfect, sweet baby girl who we had the honor and blessing of meeting.

Meeting Miss Logan Rylee-
She was born on St. Patrick's Day and lived a "Lucky" 7 days on this Earth.  Her parents biggest hope was to be able to hold  her alive, and I prayed every day that they would get this wish and be able to bring her home- they got both.  It is not my story to tell, but they felt like every day with her was a miracle.  Her parents cherished every single second with her, and I feel honored I was able to meet her and hold her.  She returned to live with her Heavenly Father last night.  I knew it would be soon, but the news is still breaking my heart.  
She is absolutely PERFECT! 

 Mr. Logan meeting little Miss Logan. 
 After our babies met Carrie posted on her blog that she knew when her Logan returned to Heaven she would be watching over my Logan and his special heart.  And I know she will- my Logan will have an extra special Guardian Angel watching over him.  

There is a special bond that broken hearts seem to create.  This club we call the Heart Mom Club is growing, and with it so is my heart.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Bed....

Not for Logan, but for me!  YES, I have succumbed and am probably creating a bigger problem, but I was THAT desperate for sleep!  I now have a bed in Logan's room, and I have to admit it has made a world of difference.  I wish I would have "moved" in there months ago.  It has become the family joke of musical beds, which bed will we find mom in when we wake up.  Ashlyn and Tanner know if I am asleep in Logan's room it was a rough night and they just color or something until Logan and I emerge from the room.  (I am not in there every night, just the hard ones.  And in-case any of you are freaking out, I don't let Logan sleep in the bed too.  He is still in his crib.)  It just makes life so much easier for feeding and not having to walk to a different room a million times a night.
 We had to take the closet doors off to get the bed to fit.  Every square inch of his wall is covered in furniture!
Logan has a new bed time routine the last 2 weeks.  He has got things figured out!  He acts so tired around 8:00pm when we put Ashlyn and Tanner to bed so I feed him and put him in his crib.  We get Ashlyn and Tanner tucked in, and then Logan wakes back up.  So he gets a 20 minute power nap and then knows after that he can have mom and dad to himself for snuggle time.  So he yells until we take him out of his crib.  He hangs out with us for about an hour and then is ready to go back to bed.  Neither Brad or I mind because for this hour all he wants to do is snuggle, and it is the only time he holds still and lets us snuggle him!  So again we succumb to this little boy who has everyone wrapped around his little finger! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who Wants a Kiss?

Anyone want a kiss from this face???
Logan is blowing you that kiss.... okay, not really.  He is really trying to cram more chocolate chip muffin into his mouth!  Our little guy who wanted nothing to do with solid foods a month ago has had a change of opinion since he started eating "real" people food.  He LOVES to eat whatever we are eating, and I will be the first to admit he is spoiled rotten and I let him eat whatever he whines for.  Geeeez, what kind of mom have I become!  I do make sure that he gets his veggies in, but he also gets the good stuff.  I was eating a sucker the other day and he looked at me weird and smiled, then just reached up and grabbed it out of my mouth and put it in his mouth all in a matter of seconds.  This kid has FAST hands, and he is a smart one!  You can't feed him green beans while you are eating ice cream.... HE KNOWS!!

We have caught a few glimpses of Spring around here... I want more than a glimpse now, I want it to STAY!  I feel like we are slowly coming out of our cave and living a little.  Logan has LOVED getting out of the house.  (Notice- no oxygen.  We have been testing him off it little bits at a time.  He usually does great, but I am so paranoid and don't dare to go longer than an hour or further than the backyard).
 As GREAT as Logan is looking, it is funny how little things just wear him out.  Spending time outside the other day was completely exhausting for him.  He had 4 naps that day.  He has been getting so stir crazy being home all the time.  We have noticed such a difference in his mood when we get him out to new places.  He is so much happier.  I took him to the mall the other day with my sister (his first time at the mall) and he looked around in complete amazement.  He loved all the new things to look at.  He made friends with all the girls at Sephora and loved the mirrors!
 I have been "reminded" several times this week that I haven't posted anything for awhile... it is because I am FINALLY doing things like going to the mall (well, at least once)!  We are still ultra cautious with taking Logan places, but it is nice to have a little bit warmer weather and hopefully a little less sickness.  He had another Synagis shot (vaccine to fight RSV) yesterday- we are hoping that it will be the last one of the season.  The doctor said he had a few patients that day who came in with RSV so we are not out of the woods yet, but the cases are getting less and less.  He is growing- weighing in at a whopping 18lbs. 14 oz. so he has gained 12 oz. this month.  We are so pleased with his progress.  He has decided that rolling is for the birds and refuses to do it anymore.  Instead he scoots around on his rear end, but he is moving and that is so exhilarating to him.  Life is good.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Runny Noses and Rolling Over

That about sums up our life as of late.... runny noses and rolling over!  Exciting, I know.
Logan decided he could finally roll from his back to his belly on his 9 month birthday.  This is the first major milestone he has "missed" developmentally... and he is was WAY behind on that (rightfully so... he has had his chest cut open 3 times)!  We were all shouting for joy when he decided to muscle his way on to his belly.  Logan on the other hand wasn't so sure about it all at first, but after seeing all the attention it got him he kept doing it.  It seems like most heart kids need some kind of early intervention program (OT, PT etc) whether they are behind physically, or developmental- I don't know if Logan will need this.  His Pediatrician seems to think he is okay, but I worry about it.  He is eating baby food SO much better, and we are off ALL pain meds... yeah!  So we are definitely seeing progress.

 Despite my best efforts of keeping germs away, Logan has had a little bit of a cold the last week.  Runny noses on oxygen are a pain in the butt.  This is how he felt about wearing his oxygen the other morning.  Usually he doesn't mess with it, but with the runny nose it bothers him more than normal.
 Yum!  That cannula has got to taste good.... yuck!
 Since he had pulled it off, I decided he deserved a little break from it.  I bathed him and gave him a good hour sticker and oxygen free.  He loved it, and I loved seeing his cute little face without the oxygen.  He did pretty good with his color (staying pink) for about 45 min. and then I could see he needed it back on. 
 Ashlyn and Tanner couldn't let Logan have all the fun by himself.  They both insisted on bathing with him and the duck!  It was one crowded bathtub.  It is funny because Logan is still a bit of a novelty to them.  Ashlyn cried that she had never been able to have a bath with I let her climb on in.
Logan has been a TERRIBLE sleeper lately.  I am sure it has to do with being a little sick, but the sleeping is getting worse even as his symptoms get better.  I have ended up on his floor every night for the past 10 days (yes I do have mats to sleep on at least- I wish his room was large enough for a twin bed, but it won't fit).  I don't know what to do.  It seems to be a separation thing.  I always start out in my bed, but after walking in there 5 times I end up just staying.  Once I am in there he seems to do better.  This morning I wanted to be mad at him when he was ready to wake up and I was still tired, but then as I changed his diaper and saw the scars down his chest I couldn't be mad.  It's no wonder he has separation issues- how many times has he fallen asleep in my arms and woken up in a hospital bed.  I know he probably doesn't remember, but it still makes it impossible for me to let him cry it out and feel alone.  So I guess we will see how long I can function on this kind of sleep!