The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Year Ago Today

It was a year ago TODAY, June 9th, that I had to hand over my baby for the first time to a doctor that I had just met, and trust he was going to be able to save my baby's life. I will be forever grateful for these GREAT doctors that have dedicated their life to saving others. I know each day is a gift, and I really try hard to cherish each one.

Our dear friends, the Jackley's, had to hand their baby Kellen over to an incredible surgeon also today so he could save his life. Please pray for little Kellen that he will have a speedy and smooth recovery, and that his mom and dad will have the strength to endure all that comes with post Glenn recovery.
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Logan's Birthday

Thank goodness we got some FUN memories of Logan's 1st Birthday!
IHH (Intermountain Healing Hearts) hosted their first annual 5k event on his birthday.  I wanted the entire world to know it was our little guys birthday.  How better to advertise that than with t-shirts.  My awesome neighbor spent all day helping me make these t-shirts for everyone to wear.  It was a lot of fun, and we were so grateful for those who came out to support not only Logan, but IHH. 

Thank you family!

Logan ate every one's apples and loved jammin' to Aunt Kambria's Ipod!

Our AWESOME suport group!
My mom and dad and nieces were there to keep track of the kids and my sister Kambria and Brad's sister Jill ran the race with us.
A group of Mom's/Dad's all part of IHH with their heart hero's.  I love that Logan will always have friends that he can relate too.  This group does so much for families. 
Bryan came and ran in honor of his Angel baby Logan, and he got the best smile out of Logan all day!  And Ivy is Connor's mom who is a HRHS little warrior too.

We had the Quist family over for a BBQ after.  Angee and I connected through IHH and her little boy Severin is also HRHS.  She has been a LIGHT and INSPIRATION to me.  She just "gets" me, all the crazy paranoid things that a heart mom goes through... she is an incredible support, and a dear friend.
Severin was climbing all over Logan and Logan would just give him strange looks!  Logan slept through most of the party, but Severin made sure to wake him up for cake and presents!

Party #2 with the family- he was so kind to share his cake with me.  This was when he wasn't feeling well so he wouldn't let me put him down even to eat his cake. 

Hard to believe he is ONE!  Harder to believe what he has been through is such a short life.  He is an inspiration to me every day.