The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Right to be Grumpy

Mr. Logan is having a grumpy day.  We aren't sure if we are getting him the right meds or if he is just done with being here, either way he is grumpy.  I wish he could tell me if he was in pain or just annoyed.  His nurse was giving him a hard time about being grumpy, and I let into her.  I said you try being happy after having two surgeries in two weeks.  He doesn't have to be happy, and he has every right to be grumpy.  Sometimes I think if they get one smile out of a baby that all is well and they start backing off everything.  I think we all might be a little grumpy today.
A bright spot of our day was Brad's sister Erin and her family came for another visit.  It was fun to interact with their kids, and Logan loved their 6 year old Sydney singing to him.  Logan was having a rough bout when they were here, but it was still a nice visit.
He is back on IV's because he didn't eat anymore yesterday, and he is having a really hard time sleeping.  He was awake from 1pm yesterday to 10:30pm- today hasn't been much better.  It is a vicious cycle with pain.  You want to keep on top of the pain meds, but too much is bad, they also cause constipation which causes more pain, it is so hard to find a balance.  Poor little guy.


  1. Where is Rachel!!??!! Times like this is when you really miss the good ones. I think they expect too much out of these kiddos. May today be a peaceful Sabbath Day!

  2. Have they done belly massages for Logan to "help get things moving?" The CICU nurses instructed us to do so and Zoe was also given Colace to assist her bowels. It tastes terrible, so be sure they mix it with some cherry syrup. Keep in mind, some kids go home from the Glenn on narcotics (CHOP doesn't like to do this.) Zoe was on a mix of tylenol and ibuprofen for 2 weeks at home before she finally went without fussing.

    Is Logan still on oxygen? That was the only thing holding us back for discharge (since we were flying home to Arizona) they wanted her sats "better" before we left. On discharge she was around 82-83. After full recovery at home, her sats sit at 94 consistently. I give all the credit to Zoe and Dr. Spray.

    Are you in the CCU now? The nursing reaction sounds like a CCU move. Hang in there guys, you'll be home soon.

  3. Heidi~
    Thinking about you and sweet Logan today. Sending strength, love, understanding and hope for a thriving single ventricle miracle. Stay strong. I know the days seem endless, but this WILL pass. And you can do it. Logan picked you for his team and you are his champion. That is a bond few understand. Much, much love to you.

    Mindi (mom to McKay)

  4. I'm with you, he's got a right to be grumpy, and honestly you do too! People expect you to be sweet and nice even in the face of exhaustion and pain. Don't feel bad about it - if the nurse doesn't get it, she shouldn't be a nurse in those kinds of areas! (more like Rachel! :)
    I hope today is better and that Logan is willing to eat on his own soon again. Continued prayers, love, hope and belief!

  5. Heidi,

    Thank you for sharing your cute pictures. Logan's a little prince! Hang in there. We're all pulling for you back in Utah.