The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Monday, June 3, 2013

Magic and Memories

When you have a child with half a heart I think you see life through different eyes.  My reality is quite a bit different from what it was 3 years ago.  Making GOOD memories has become a top priority in our family.  Which is why Brad and I decided we needed to make another trip to Disneyland while the kids were still at the "magic" age.
My parents are really the ones who helped make it happen.  A dear friend of my mom's offered to let us stay in her house on Redondo Beach.  It was perfect; fun, relaxing, crazy, beautiful... most important though great memories were made.
Here are a few pictures of some of the highlights.

Logan got ahold of my dad's binoculars and wouldn't let them go.  He looked at everything from the ocean to little lady bugs with those.  
 Logan referred to the beach as HIS big sand box!
Tanner's first time being tall enough for Indiana Jones.  He loved it!
 Logan was star struck by Jesse... although still a little leery of how big she was!

The parade has become a favorite with the kids.  At one point during the parade Logan started backing away and then went and hid behind a stranger (as far as his oxygen tubing allowed him to go).  He had this terrified look on his face and we asked him what was wrong.  There was a giant crab in the parade that he was so sure it was coming to get him.  But other than the crab he loved the parade. 
Cars land was a favorite.

 tuckered out!
 This picture depicts my kids little personalities.  Ashlyn is such a protector and little mother, while Tanner is always teasing and turning anything into a gun... Logan is always in the middle.  Being the one protected and then following Tanner's lead any chance he gets to be a crazy boy.
 We had a chance to spend time with Brad's brother and his family.  This is his cute little girl Sarah with the kids.
 They loved pulling sea weed out of the ocean and making it part of their castles.  My kids never got tired of the beach.... well Logan got tired, but never bored! 
He had a nap on Grandma's lap every afternoon at the beach. 

We had an on going bag of tricks to play on Grandpa.  The silly string was a favorite, and the whoopee cushion a close second.

I know I say it over and over, but I am so lucky to have such a great family.  We made some great memories that I will never forget.