The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pre-op 12-12

Yesterday was a crazy whirlwind kind of day.  Luckily Logan slept well at the hotel.  We were in an unfamiliar part of town so by the time we tracked down somewhere for breakfast we were hurrying to the hospital for our pre-op appointment.  Brad has been awesome at getting us everywhere we need to go in a crazy busy city.  I would be a basket case if I had to drive here.  When we left for the hospital the PRMH (Philly Ronald McDonald House) still didn't have a room for us so we figured we would be staying in the hotel another night so we hadn't packed up our stuff.  As we got to the hospital the social worker from PRMH called and said they just had a room open up that would work for us. YEAH!  The stress then was not being able to check out of the hotel by check-out time.  Thankfully the hotel was so nice and let us leave our stuff in our room until we were done at the hospital which ended up being almost 5pm.  They were very kind not to charge us another night. 
Pre-op was long..... but good.
As we sat in the clinic waiting room I felt extremely overwhelmed.  I was feeling like we were just way too far from home.  Then we walked back with the nurse and encountered our first familiar face.  One of our favorite nurses that took care of Logan after his last surgery is now a NP here.  It was so great to see her, and she loved seeing Logan again. 
Logan did great.  We told them we needed to hold off on labs until we were walking out the door.  Smart move. 
Bribery works wonders with this kid.  The promise of a new toy is like a million dollars.  So he puts on his brave face and gets through whatever he needs to just to get that new toy.
Logan still continues to baffle doctors and nurses.  Logan's anatomy is unique.  Even for being a single ventricle, he is just one of a kind!  His saturations have been great here at sea level when he is at rest.  First check in clinic he was satting at 88 and the nurse kind of looked at us funny like "Why do you have him on oxygen" (88 is pretty good for a post Glenn heart kid).  But then she saw him walk the short distance for his x-ray and almost pass out from the effort.  She measured his saturations again and he was at 52%.  His drastic drop is still a big concern and question for anyone involved in his care. 
We met with Dr. Rome and talked through different scenarios and asked enough questions to drive him crazy!  Then finished with a traumatizing blood draw that went better than most (thanks to new cars) and with instructions to be back at 5:30 am the next morning.  YIKES.... that is early especially when you consider we are still functioning on Utah time.
We rushed back to the hotel to pack up and get to the PRMH before the volunteers left for the night.  We had a very warm welcome and are so grateful for this incredible service they offer.  We were able to have a warm meal cooked by volunteers and they welcomed Logan with a new toy (he was beyond thrilled and LOVES his new hotel as he calls it).
We are blessed, and Logan's spirits were lifted a little when he saw there were toys and fun things to do at our new hotel.


  1. All three of you are incredible and we are loving and supporting you from back home!
    Nat Montague

  2. Love, thoughts, prayers and hugs sent your way!
    Jenny Sant