The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting Out

Our goal today was getting out while at the same time making Logan take it easy!  The second we walk out the door of our room here Logan says, "Put me down so I can RUN!" and then he goes flying down the long hallway.  My goal is to get it on video, but I am usually running so fast to make sure he doesn't get on the elevator alone that I don't have time for pictures.  He has been complaining his chest and back hurt so I know he has been pushing himself, but it's like he just can't help but to run.  We would have loved to just get out and walk outside today, but it was cold so we went to the mall to just have a change of scenery and get out and walk. 
I am still ultra-paranoid about germs.  I can't imagine how much it would hurt Logan to cough right now or how his lungs and heart would handle a cold.  He is a good sport and doesn't mind wearing a mask.  We just window shopped and he loved the change of scenery too.

We got him his favorite pretzels for lunch.
And went to see Frozen again.  I could have watched Logan's face the entire movie.  I think he liked it even more the second time.  He would get so excited when the songs came on that he knew.

All tuckered out!

He has elevators all figured out and is the only one allowed to push the buttons.

We ventured back out for dinner tonight.  The thought of another casserole made us all a little nauseous.  So we walked a block in the freezing cold to Chilis.  Logan loved it as you can see!

We are anxious for his appointment in the morning.  He seems to be on the mend and we don't see any obvious reasons they shouldn't give us the go ahead to fly home. 
I am still trying to figure out how Logan is processing this whole thing.  He did so much better than I thought he would in the hospital.  He didn't ask go home and he didn't have the response to doctors that he usually has.  He would ignore them for the most part and let them listen to him and look at his ouchies.  Now that we are out of the hospital it's like he has woken up from a daze and he knows what is going on now (almost like he chose to not be completely present in the hospital).  He asks to go home all the time now and when Brad and I try to check his bandages he freaks out if we even try to lift his shirt.  Tonight I was just simply trying to get a sticky residue off his hand and he was so frightened I stopped and just held him.  I just had a gauze pad, but it must have been just enough to remind him of the hospital.  It breaks my heart.  I can't imagine how a 3 year old processes all of this. 
Hoping for a great appointment in the morning so we can come HOME, a little dose of Ashlyn and Tanner will do this boy some good (and his mama).  It's been a LONG  3 weeks away from them.

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  1. We continue to send our prayers and good going home vibes! The emotional recovery was the hardest part of it all for me. I felt like it was a month or more before I had my happy boy back, but a dose of home is going to be better than any thing for sweet Logan. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!