The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Post-op Day #6

Here is a picture worth documenting. 
Logan took his first voluntary bite of food today.  Voluntary meaning he actually held the food and put it in his mouth on his own.  Everything he has eaten so far has had to be fed to him and coaxed into him. Hooray... we will take any progress.
He finally cooperated for physical therapy today and had a great time.  He walked a lot more today and even stepped up on a step.

He got lots of prizes today... we needed every amount of bribery we could come up with.  He is done getting ouchies and taking yucky medicine.  Thank you to all my ward members who sent prizes for Logan... I am sure we will use every single one of them. 
He spent as much time as he could in the playroom today.  He was hooked up to IV meds and fluids most of the day so we took advantage of every break of being tethered to the bed and played. 
 Dad was his security today.
(I got the middle of the night shift)!

Logan has claimed this car as his own.  Today another little girl used it for awhile and he had the biggest melt down.  This gets him from our room to the toy room and he LOVES it.  He will crash into nurses and beep the horn at anyone passing.  He loves escaping his room.  We had to coax him out of the toy room tonight at 9:00 pm for his nightly meds and vitals.  He refused to get out of the car outside of his room.  He said he didn't want to go in his room because he didn't want any ouchies.  This breaks our hearts.

They know Logan loves to paint so the child life specialist will leave out paint and little things for him to paint when he can escape to the toy room. 
The cute little blue hippo sitting on his head was the sweetest gift from the patients mom that was next door to us.  There is a glass wall with a curtain dividing us so it is relatively quiet but it does not keep out a screaming 3 year old.  We met this sweet family yesterday and got to share stories (her daughter is 17).   I apologized for waking them up at all hours of the night.  They were able to be discharged today HOORAY after a very long time being here.  I was so happy for him.  They gave Logan this Hippo and wished him well.  There are so many good people in the world. 
We had some really rough times today, but we also had some good ones. 
For the medical details he is still draining a lot out of his chest tube.  They added another diuretic today and he is having success with wet diapers.... we have had to change his pants three different times today because he fills the diaper to capacity.  We hope he can start loosing fluid that way instead of his chest tube. Last night was an especially hard night, so we are hoping for a better night tonight. I asked that they switch any med they could back to IV instead of oral because he won't even take his Tylenol anymore.  This helped a lot today. Here is to hoping for good sleep and less fluid.


  1. Oh Heidi I wish I could give you the biggest hug after reading the last couple of updates. I hope his fluid balance gets under control. Hugs!

  2. We have been traveling and I couldn't wait to check in on you guys and see how Logan was doing. My heart aches for you. It is so hard to watch your kid suffer, knowing that these hard things have to happen in order for them to get better. I hope today is a day of rest with some Improvements. Hugs to you! Grant was still in the ICU on day 5 and eventually when he turned the corner, it was for good. I hope Logan's fluid can get moving soon. One of Grant's favorite things that made him smile was taking a big bucket of water and finding syringes, cups, and other things to let him splash and play and transfer water from one hospital bucket to another. He thought it was so cool to lay towels all over the floor and just sit there and play. Maybe Logan would like that too? Hugs!

  3. Seeing pictures of this boy does my heart good. Baby steps forward are still forward! He is looking good to me. Big hugs!