The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On the receiving end...

I have been thinking for a long time about how to write a post to some how express and portray my gratitude and thanks for all that has been done for our family.  I still can't find the right words.
It is humbling being on the receiving end of others compassion and charity.  My heart has been so touched, and our lives made easier by others generosity. 
Thank you everyone for loving us, for praying for us, for helping us get here, for helping with things while we are away, for spoiling Ashlyn and Tanner.  It is fun talking with them every day and hearing the excitement in their voice about what a Secret Santa left them, or what an aunt has given them, or what crazy thing they have done to torture my dad.  I don't think they have had time to miss us yet!
We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many great people. 
My parents being at the top of that list of great people.
When we made the decision to come here to Philadelphia again, I didn't even have to ask them if they would take care of Ashlyn and Tanner.  They just started making plans of things to do with them to keep them distracted and busy while we would be gone.  They just stepped up and took any worry or stress about that away from Brad and I.
In preparing for surgery I was a stress case trying to keep Logan healthy.  Some would say I crossed over to the "crazy" side in this department.  But they helped out in so many ways watching Logan for me so I could teach my classes or doing my grocery shopping for me so I didn't have to take Logan out.  They were always there, and I am so grateful for them.

Again, we have been so overwhelmed with the out pouring of love shown to our family.  So many things that can be so stressful have not been because of other's generosity and love.
We have been touched and blessed with the true Spirit of Christmas this year, and it is a feeling I will never forget.
 It was hard for Brad at first to accept "help" from others.  Anyone that knows him knows what a "planner" and "do it yourselfer" he is.  This has been a lesson in accepting charity and allowing to be served.  He also has been so touched and amazed at the generosity and sacrifice of others.,
 I can't express what it means to me as Logan's mom to know how many hearts he has touched and how many people love him and care about him.  I wish I could share in detail about everything that has been done for our family.  We are so truly blessed, and I hope and pray those who have sacrificed for us will also be blessed.

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