The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

We had a virtual Christmas this morning and were able to watch Ashlyn and Tanner open their presents from Santa, and they watched Logan open some of his too.  It was great.  Ashlyn has face timed us at least 6 times this morning to show us each new bracelet she has made with her rainbow loom, and Tanner is driving his remote control car up ramps on the couch and being a crazy 6 year old boy.  It did my heart good to be able to see their joy.
As we are far from home I was reminded from a friend that the first Christmas was also spent far from home in a humble stable and there was still joy and peace.  I have thought about this all morning.  I am grateful for my Savior and his love and life.  We too feel joy and peace today.  Ashlyn and Tanner are happy and Logan is making progress.  This is the best gift we could ask for.

Logan was so excited to open presents with no strings attached... he didn't have to take any meds or do anything that gave him ouchies to get the present.  He was spoiled by the hospital.  I can not believe how many toys they were able to give each kid.
Santa left this present under the tree at the Ronald McDonald House for Logan.  Brad brought it with him this morning.  Only Santa could have known how much fun Logan had playing the little guitar the other day to know he would want his own.  All morning he would make me shake my head and dance to Rock and Roll with him.
Word is out that Logan likes Cars!

A highlight of our morning was this sweet therapy dog named Tugger that came to visit.  I have never seen such a big dog be so well mannered and sit in a chair.  He just sat in that chair and let Logan pet him.  It was so sweet.  We face timed the kids to show them our visitor.
We spent Christmas Eve eating ice cream for dinner and watching Toy Story. 
Logan made a friend who likes cars as much as he does.  We have met them in the playroom the last couple of days and the boys will hobble around and try to play together.  Logan has had a really hard time sharing his toys though.  Who is surprised.... I will be the first to admit he is spoiled!
His friend was able to go home yesterday... we are only a few days behind him we hope (he was recovering from the same surgery). 

Logan made this little guy with the OT yesterday.  He is getting pretty good at doing things with one hand.  I wonder when he finally gets his IV out how long it will take him to start using his left hand again.

We made huge progress with meds yesterday.  We switched pain meds to chewable tablets instead of liquid and found a few more ways to get them down.  (Like sneaking them in while eating skittles).  He likes getting out of bed and choosing his own prize too.... the prizes are working to motivate him again.

The wall of our room decorated with pictures from the kids and Logan's drawings.
We are still waiting for his chest tube to stop draining.  It is decreasing every day and that is exactly what we want to see.  We hope that means it can come out tomorrow.... that is one step closer to home!

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  1. So sorry to hear! That must have been so scary. I hope he can bounce back and you guys can finally leave! Good luck!