The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Play before Pain

A few sweet pictures of our boy...

His first time on a plane- I didn't realize I dressed him in his airplane shirt until we were at the airport!  He did so well on the flight.  Didn't cry a single time.

We flew in Monday night and had all day Tuesday with no doctors appointments.  Tuesday morning was rough.  He didn't sleep much.  He had a complete blow out of his diaper and right after we changed him he threw up all over me and his blanket.  I was FREAKING out.  I called the hospital crying so nervous that he was going to be sick and couldn't have his surgery.  After a nap he woke up 100% better- he was just tired and messed up from the travel. 
We met Brad's sister and her family at a cute Children's Museum that afternoon.  Logan had fun looking at all the fun things- and smiling for the camera.  I kept him in his car seat most of the time to keep him away from the germs, but let him venture out a few times for a quick picture.

After a complete sanitation wipe down we let him rock out in the exersaucer at the Ronald McDonald House.

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