The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Echo Results and Surgery Date

My baby is my HERO!  This kid just keeps amazing us.  We were up at PCMC all day Thursday for a sedated 3-D echo.  I wish we didn't have to put him through so much, but he takes it all like a champ.  He still loves me and wants to snuggle with me after I have to starve him for hours, hold him down while people poke him with needles, and then waking up not knowing where he is or what happened.  The nurses warned us he would wake up grumpy, but he woke up with a smile and flirted with the nurses.  The doctors thought his tricuspid valve looked "hopeful" and like they would be able to repair his VSD.
CHOP also called while we were at the hospital on Thursday and scheduled Logan's surgery for the 29th of THIS month.  Holy Crap.... that is soon.  At first we asked if there was any way they could put us off until January, but then the more we thought about it, we realized this worked better for us.  We will be flying out on the 27th- our 10 year Anniversary (we always planned on taking a big trip for our 10 year- I think this qualifies as a big trip).  We will do all his pre-op testing on the 28th and then surgery on the 29th.  With it being the holidays this also makes it easier for those watching Ashlyn and Tanner because they won't have school etc.  We have such an amazing support group with our families and friends- I think Ashlyn and Tanner are going to have a non-stop party while we are away!


  1. Hope all will go well. It's gonna creep up quick! Happy Anniversary!

  2. So glad they're going to be able to do it sooner than later. Good luck with everything. You'll be in our prayers!