The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Surgery Day

I hate the fact that Logan fell asleep in my arms and is going to wake up with tubes, wires, and pain.  He is in surgery as I sit here and wonder what to do. 
We met Dr. Spray today.  He was extremely nice, and VERY optimistic.  The VSD repair is complicated, but I feel comfortable and at peace.  I feel like he really knows what he is doing.  I keep saying to Brad, "Are we crazy for coming all this way."  After meeting with Dr. Spray I KNOW we are not crazy.  If we would have gone ahead with surgery back in November the chance of a Glenn was 100%.  Dr. Spray said this morning he thought there was a 10% chance of him needing the Glenn.  Brad turned to me and said, "That is why we came all this way."  So we wait for our hourly updates from the nurses.  They just came in and let us know they are setting him up on bypass (the heart and lung machine).  We will keep praying for a miracle.  Logan's entire 7 months on this earth have been filled with "miracles" in my book.  The fact that he went home from the hospital without any of us knowing his little heart was broken.  His first surgery went amazingly well.  The fact that he is such a healthy boy growing so well.  And most of all that his right heart is growing.  A friend of mine, another heart mom, emailed me before we left and she said, "I am grateful for my sons heart.  If he had been born with the miracle of a complete heart, that would have only been ONE miracle.  Instead I have been witness to MANY miracles."  I feel the same way.
Pray for my baby.  Because although I do believe in miracles I know it is my Heavenly Father that grants those miracles.  I left my baby in the arms of an incredible surgeon, but ultimately he is in the hands of a loving Heavely Father.


  1. Praying for you today. It was amazing to me how peaceful I felt the day Asher had his surgery; not only did the prayers assist in a succesful surgery, but they lifted us in our time of need.

  2. Thanks for the updates. I know the feeling of that waiting game, but I also know what you said is true - Logan, and you, are in the hands of Heavenly Father. I'll keep praying for you guys, and I know everything will work out.