The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post-Surgery Update

We had been told Dr. Spray was a fast surgeon, but we weren't prepared for just how fast he was.  Logan's surgery was only 2 hours start to finish.  AMAZING!  The less time he spends on bypass the easier the recovery.
Everything went well, and the doctors are pleased with how he is doing and looking.  Brad and I were shocked and thrilled at how good he looked when we saw him.  He looks 1000x better than after his last surgery.  I guess that is why they like to get the babies as big as possible, they tolerate things a lot better and their bodies are stronger.  He was already off the ventilator when we came back to see him.
Dr. Spray felt like the surgery went well.  The VSD was repaired without any complications.  He did say though that his tricuspid valve is more deformed than he originally thought, and half the size as it should be.  He wanted to give his right heart a fighting chance to function though, and so do we.  That is the whole reason we are out here.  So they will closely monitor his right heart to make sure it can handle these new pressures and make sure the valve can function properly.  If anyone can beat the odds, it is Logan.  It is hard because they honestly haven't seen a lot of cases like Logan.  HRHS is rare in the first place (less common than HLHS) and then Logan's anatomy is not typical HRHS.  I am grateful they are letting him try to beat the odds.  So we aren't out of the woods yet.  There is a small chance they will have to go back in and do the Glenn, but we are hoping they won't.  Either way, we will NEVER second guess our decision in giving him the chance to function on a 2 ventricle heart.  Even if it isn't your typical 2 ventricle heart.
I think he looks AMAZING!
He has a daddy that LOVES him to pieces.  I am so grateful we are here together, I love Brad so much.

 He will probably be off oxygen in the next day or so- when it doesn't hurt so much to breath deeply.
He has an RA Line (a line going directly into his right atrium) to measure the pressure.  We won't be able to hold him until this line is out seeing as how is goes directly into his heart.  Then an Arterial line in his arm, and IV's in his feet that they can give him his pain meds through.  They are keeping him pretty sedated today, when the pain meds wear off he acts really uncomfortable so we give him more pain meds.  It is sad to hear him cry because his voice is still raspy from the ventilator.

 He got to drink a bottle of pedialyte, and he loved that!  He will have breast milk before the end of the day.  (all the extra cords are from an EKG)

We were lucky to get a private room in the CICU so I get to sleep here with him tonight.  And it is nice and quiet in here.  I can't wait to hold my little guy again (when I get to hold him I won't be on the computer that is for sure)!


  1. Oh I'm bawling!!! TWO hours! I am so excited for you guys. No Glen will be great. Logan looks so good. It is always scary to see them right after surgery, all the meds make them a different baby. He is a couragous little man. Let him beat the odds, beat em' into mashed potatoes! Oh the JOY I feel for you. I hope you are holding him right now, darn RA lines.Isn't it amazing what can happen when you put it in to the Lords hands...

  2. He looks so good! That color! Wow Heidi! That was fast! Going there was totally the right thing for Logan! All things considering he doesn't have that may lines, it looks good! Braden hated the "No-No's" (those brace like things on Logan's arm so they can't grab stuff) worse than anything else. He just knew if those were off then he could get at everything else too ! He looks like a squishy marshmallow man, but he'll look better and better each day! Fingers crossed you'll be home before you know it! We were only in pt. for 4 days with Braden's last OHS.