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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ronald McDonald House

I promised Ashlyn some pictures of the Ronald McDonald House, she wants to know everything about where we are staying.  So I took the camera around today and took a bunch of pictures.
They have cute little playrooms for toddlers and for older kids.  Logan has captured the heart of everyone here- he has a smile for everyone!
This is the "older" side of the house that we are staying in. The history of the house is interesting.  It was originally the mansion of a wealthy family, then later turned into a funeral home (kinda spooky), and then became the very first Ronald McDonald Home.
This is the "newer" part of the house that was built.  It is more hotel style rooms.

Connecting the old house with the new.
They offer so much here.  Every night a different group of volunteers come to cook dinner.  Tonight we had an all girls basketball team that came in and made tacos.  Last night the Key Club from a local High School came and made dinner.  Logan had all the girls oohing and ahhhing over him!   

Brad thinks this elevator looks like it was made for coffins... he makes a comment every time we have to ride in it!
The beautiful stairways in the entry way.

The "huge" storm (a whole 4 inches) that closed the airport and closed the city down still lingers on the streets.  No wonder it is a state of disaster... they DON'T plow!  I about had a heart attack as we were landing and I saw snow all over the runway... they don't even plow at the airport.  Our flight was the first flight out of SLC to Philadelphia that wasn't cancelled because of the storm.  We didn't have any problems until we landed and they couldn't get the Jetway to the plane to get us off because it got stuck in the snow!  
We ventured out on a very little walk today.  It is cold!  The house is is a pretty good area.  But one block in one direction is ghetto ville and the other direction is a nice college campus.  The GPS was so kind to route us through "ghetto ville" on our way here from the airport (it was dark and we were terrified we were going to get stuck in the snow in our little rental car).  We checked to make sure the doors were locked and only ran a few red lights!  But we made it... we haven't ventured out in the dark again though.

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  1. Thanks for the update! What a beautiful place! I think the RMH is heaven sent. I too was very impressed with the one in SL that we stayed at. It's better then any hotel, for these times. You get to meet really neat people. You are all there for a common cause " make my child better, so we can go home" What a blessing! Best of luck tomorrow, we are praying for you. Loves!