The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pre-Surgery Pictures

We have had a rough couple of nights sleeping at the PRMH (Ronald McD House) because Logan was not a fan of the pack and play.  I don't blame him- after all he has only known his crib.  We have never taken him anywhere.  So the last couple of nights I have had NO sleep.  I've paced the hallways with him, moved him from the pack and play to the car seat... rocked him in the car seat- you get the picture.  I say all this because ironically enough he slept last night.  I was a nervous wreck though- so of coarse I didn't sleep much.  We had to be up at 4 am to give him his last feeding and get to the hospital- so I took his picture because he was actually sleeping FINALLY and I had to wake him up!
I took a million pictures... being this far away I have to give Grandma and Grandpa and his sister and brother every little "moment."
Here he is getting ready for surgery.  He loved all the cords and wires.  He kept trying to put them in his mouth... surprise, surprise.

He really wanted the nurses stethoscope.
AHH!  Success he got the stethoscope.  Can you see the grin under the Binky?

Everyone has been so surprised at what a big boy he is.  The nurse had to get a bigger hospital shirt for him because the first one was too small.  Look at those beefy thighs!

The oxygen sensor on his toe glowed red, he really wanted it off.  He was successful at taking most things off.

I held him until the last possible moment.  I got emotional the moment they started hooking wires up to him.  I hope and pray this is the last time he has to go through this.

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  1. Oh Heidi, as hard as it is to document this all, he will love it when he is older! And I love that coy grin after he swiped the stethoscope!