The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, December 23, 2010


We took Logan in on Monday for his last check-up here in Utah with the Cardiologist before we fly out to Philly.  His regular doc, Dr. Mack, is out of the country so we saw Dr. P.  I have liked every doctor we have seen at Primary's.  I love how they work as a team, and although we have never seen Dr. P he knew Logan's case and has met on it with their group several times. 
The appointment went really well.  They are thrilled at how well Logan is growing.  The little chunk is almost 18 lbs.  He is holding steady in the 30th percentile.  I love watching new doctors see Logan for the first time.  They know him by his records and reports so with his diagnosis they expect to see a struggling child, and then our little Logan blows them out of the water with his pink skin and great growth.  (I think I can take the credit for this one since the little stinker will only nurse.  It is a three ring circus to get him to take a bottle and when he does take one he will only drink 3 oz.  He has it figured out that if mom isn't home 3 oz. will get him by until I get home.)
We went over the results of the 3-D echo he had a few weeks ago.  It was confirmed to me that prayers are answered and there is a God.  Miracles can happen, and faith is real.  When Logan was in the hospital at 2 weeks old for his first surgery here is what I wrote in an email to friends and family.  "They are hoping this Pulmonary Artery Band they put on will let him grow to at least 6 months (the cardiologist says 5-7 months and the surgeon says 8-14 months)!  But no one has any definite answers for us on if they are going to be able to repair his heart to be a fully functioning 2 ventricle heart or if they will only be able to make it function as a 1 ventricle heart.  I pray every day for a miracle- first that some how his heart will just heal on its own.  That the right ventricle will stretch and the hole close on its own, and if I can't have that wish then I pray that there is a surgeon out there that is confident enough that he can repair his heart to be fully functional.  I know it will be God's will what happens, but I am making sure he knows my desire as this sweet boy's mom." 
I later asked the doctor how likely it was that his right ventricle could grow.  The doctor pretty much said, that never happens and to not get my hopes up.  Well after getting the results back from his 3-D echo the doctor said his right ventricle has GROWN!  They said it looked very promising to be able to do a full 2 ventricle repair.  Gasp, sigh, sob, scream.... I have waited a few days to post this because you always fear maybe you didn't hear the doctor right.  He did preface everything with, "We don't know anything FOR SURE until he is opened up and the surgeon is looking at his actual heart."  So it is not for sure that they will be able to do a 2 ventricle repair, but the chances are greater than they have ever been. 
Prayers are answered.  Logan has made it to a strong healthy 7 months old before needing surgery.  I truly feel like we were led to the surgeon, Dr. Spray, at CHOP to do this repair for Logan.  All the doctors at Primary's are supportive in our decision to travel.  Even though Logan's case is looking so optimistic the VSD repair will still be open heart and extremely complicated because the tricuspid valve has attachments where they need to patch the hole.  They will also have to make decisions while he is open, if his ventricle is indeed large enough to handle the blood volume once the hole is closed, but the biggest wild card will be if his small tricuspid valve can handle the pressure.  They will decide once they see his heart function whether or not they need to go ahead with the Glenn.
I still leave it in the hands of God, and know it is His will that will be done.  But I have so much hope for my little boy.

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  1. Heidi, I am so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. It's sp nice to experience those little faith building miracles though as our babies exceed doctors expectations though. You guys are in my prayers.