The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trouble and Summer Fun

Even with all the fun we have been having this summer, Logan has still managed to find time to get into trouble.  I am telling you, this kid is 100x worse than my other two when it comes to being mischievous and getting into trouble.  Logan has gone through a hiding stage where he thinks it is really fun to hide.  The crazy thing is he will hold still and be quiet when he hides.  The picture below shows him hiding in the dyer.... scary.  He had no idea Brad snuck a picture and he got in BIG trouble for hiding in there.  Ashlyn had gotten me something out of the dryer and forgot to shut the door (something that will never happen again I hope) and Brad saw Logan head in there a minute later so he followed him in.  Lucky for us he was only in there for a few seconds, but he has given us a few scares when he hides from us.  I can't turn my back on him outside for a second because he thinks it is so funny to hide.  The other day he was wearing a red t-shirt and went and crouched down by a fire hydrant hiding from me.  He blended right in, I was in a complete panic getting neighbors to help me find him and he just sat there quiet as can be as we screamed his name.  We have been trying to not make a big deal about his hiding so he won't think it is fun, and will hopefully stop doing it the little stinker!
Do you like the oxygen hose on the floor, he has started pulling all his hoses off when he wakes up from his naps too.  Trouble, I tell you!  My father-in-law always says he would hate to see what Logan could do on a whole heart because on his half a heart he keeps everyone chasing him and on their toes!
 We played a lot the end of June with my parents when they were watching my sisters kids.  We did a lot of fun things.  We missed Ashlyn (she was still in school, I HATE year round school).
We played at the Zoo.
 Thanksgiving Point Farm
 The Dinosaur Museum
 The Cabin- this was our first trip to the cabin this year.  We were nervous with Logan's lower oxygen levels that he would not tolerate the elevation, but he did pretty good.  Still not good enough I would dare spend the night, but a few hours was fun.  He was a little more tired and grumpy by the end, but we expected that.  He kept his O2 levels around 74% so not awesome, but not too bad for him!

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