The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Annual Heart Run

Intermountain Healing Hearts- an amazing organization/support group that we belong to held their 2nd Annual 5k Heart Run in May (I know, I am a little behind on the blog)!  We look forward to these events as a family every year, and love to meet and interact with other heart families.  It was a privilege, and completely humbling to run in honor of our little boy and other heart kids who are not physically able to do so.  Sure Logan runs around, I am not saying he can't run, it is just taxing on his little heart.  He can run about 10 feet before he is so out of breath he has to sit down and rest to let his little heart catch up.  So we ran for him!  He was a great cheerleader along with Ashlyn, Tanner and Grandma.  (Next year Brad and I vow we will actually train for it first so it doesn't nearly kill us)!

 I know I am biased because they are mine, but I think I have pretty cute kids! 
 These ladies are just a few of the amazing heart mom's I have been able to connect with.  All of our kids have a similar diagnosis of HRHS and are within a few months in age.  Angee and Severin on the left, Joanita and Kat in the middle and Logan and I.  We feel so lucky to have these AMAZING kids as part of our family, and I am so grateful for other moms who just "get" me!

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