The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A small thing, but a BIG deal!

Logan will FINALLY take his Aspirin on his own!
Logan is terrible at taking medicine- I dread giving him medicine more than changing a nasty poopy diaper!  He is a fighter and hates all medicine.  So even his tiny, little half of a baby aspirin I have had to crush and hide in his food EVERY day... until now!!!!!!!  Can you tell I am happy about this.  I just gained an extra 10 minutes every day!  He is in a "I can do everything myself" stage and wanted one day to get his own medicine out of the bottle.  So I took 1 dose and put it in an empty bottle and let him dump it in his own hand and he ate it.  SHOCK!  He has done it for a week now, so let's hope he keeps it up. 
He also thinks he is a dog sometimes and loves to lick food off the table and out of your hand ( I know disgusting) so he will sometimes let me put his medicine on the table and he will lick it up like a puppy.  Strange kid... (I have had to stop him from licking up water from a puddle outside- he literally crawls around barking and wants me to pet his head)!  I can handle the dog phase if it means he will take his meds without a fight.

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