The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Steps (delayed post)

I started this post right before we had a month of SICKNESS and I never got back to it until now!  Angee the Seattle pictures are for you!...

So some would say Logan is pretty attached to me, Brad would say I am just as attached to Logan!  We have been taking "baby" steps all summer to get to the point where both Logan and myself are comfortable with separation!  It started in July when we left him for the first time with a babysitter long enough to go to dinner and a movie.  This was a HUGE step- I had left him with others before this (Brad, Grandma and a neighbor).  But this was the longest and the first time anyone else had put him to bed... (should I admit I texted the sitter through the whole movie)!   Everything turned out great so we got a little braver and in August we decided Ashlyn and Tanner needed a day with us, so we left Logan with our neighbor ALL day so we could all go to Lagoon.  Then came the opportunity for me to have a girls night, and go to  Education Week with all my neighbors- this gave me the extra push to finally stop nursing completely.  He was upset about that for about 2 weeks, and let me know he wasn't happy with this, but we are over that hump now!  So I spent a night away from him and had a great time with the girls.  Over Labor Day I stayed at the cabin with Ashlyn and Tanner, while Brad and Logan got some good time together at home.  All this leading up to me finally getting the courage to take a trip with my hubby.  My neighbor offered us free airline tickets and told us we needed a vacation.  It wasn't the 10 year anniversary trip we were planning when we ended up taking Logan to Philadelphia, but it was a great escape.  My parents watched the kids and Brad and I took a 4 day trip to Seattle.  It was great and Logan and the kids did GREAT.  My parents are SAINTS, and I am so grateful we got to go.  We wanted somewhere close that we didn't have to spend all day traveling, and we didn't really care what we did, we just wanted to relax.  My goal was to get my blood shot, sleep deprived eyes looking normal again! Mission accomplished!  We loved the city, and did all the "touristy" stuff- the Space Needle, The Duck Tour (land and water machine),  A fun cruise (saw the house from Sleepless in Seattle, and went through the Locks- that was really cool).  We also did the underground tour, ate at lots of yummy restaurants (not a single chain restaurant), went to the movies, and shopped a lot!  Loved it all!
 What a beautiful city!  You can see Mt. Rainer in the back.  They say that you can only see this about 80 days out of the whole year.  We had fabulous weather.

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  1. Yeah for a vacation! You guys definitely deserved it! Thanks for the picts- maybe someday I will give Seattle another try.