The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cardiac Cath

I am sitting in the recovery room of Primary Children’s Hospital watching my son’s chest rise and fall, rise and fall.  It is steady, the monitors aren’t beeping at the moment, and he is sleeping peacefully.  We came in this morning for a Cardiac Cath.  Dr. Mack, Logan’s Cardiologist was concerned at his last appointment that the pressure moving across his PA Band was too high, and wanted to make sure things were okay.  This procedure has alleviated a lot of anxiety Brad and I have had over the last month.  The Cath went really well.  The doctors and nurses here LOVE Logan, he is always such a mellow baby and so well behaved.  They found the pressure across the band was a lot lower than they had originally thought and that even with the large hole (his VSD) between his ventricles his blood is moving into the right places more efficiently than they have really seen in others with this same problem.  Logan is bound and determined to ALWAYS beat the odds- I am okay with that.  They are having a hard time finding a pulse in his right leg right now (that is the leg they entered the artery in to get to his heart), but other than that he is looking good and sleeping a lot.  The best news is that they don't forsee him needing his next surgery for at least 2 months- possibly even up to 6 months.  That gives him more time to grow and gain strength.
I had to be done feeding him at 5:30 this morning, and they didn’t take him back for surgery until 11:00am.  And the only time he cried was when they put the IV in.  He was AMAZING, and relished in the fact that he was held for 3 hours straight!  He loves to be held, and I love to hold him so it works out well for the both of us! 
I did everything I could to prepare for this surgery.  I didn’t allow the kids friends over this past week to avoid any sickness or germs.  And of all the nights for Ashlyn to get the flu- it had to be last night.  She started throwing up around 1:00 am, and well the rest of the night was history.  I am functioning on 2 ½ hours of sleep at the moment.  I feel completely drained, but relieved to have this over at the same time. 
It is looking like we will go home tonight.  The only question is the pulse in his right leg, so hopefully that gets a little stronger and we can get some rest at home. 

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