The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cardiac Cath Photos

 I snapped this picture of Logan on the way to the hospital.  I sat next to him in the backseat the whole drive up.  I always feel so guilty that he has NO idea what is about to happen to him. 
Logan sporting his hospital "get-up"

Logan sampling his clothes... if I wasn't going to feed him he decided he would find his own nourishment!
Have you ever seen a sweeter picture?  We waited in the OR waiting room forever.  This was 5 1/2 hours since he had last eaten, and he still didn't cry.  He thought he would give sucking his thumb a try!

 Can you see his red hair?  I am in LOVE!  And so were all of the nurses.  I just can't get enough of those big eyes and red hair.
 Loves his Daddy!
They finally took him into surgery around 11:30 and we were back with him by 3:00.   He was pretty sleepy the rest of the time at the hospital.
 His face is red from a drug they give him beforehand to dry him out, and he is a little "puffy" from all the IV's, but he still looks great.  He ate like a champ (this was about the only time he took a bottle from me).  The only concern was they had a hard time finding a pulse in his right leg- the leg they entered for the cath.  The nurses could never really find the pulse, but when the doc came in he found it right away.
We were discharged around 7:00pm and came home for a very LONG night.  He had slept the day away and hadn't eaten all day, so naturally he wanted to be awake and eat ALL night! 

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