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Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Because of these Two Little Feet

These two little feet have caused quite an eventful day today.  The picture doesn't do it justice, but if you notice the top foot is a little more pale than the bottom.

So I took Logan to Dr. Lei, his pediatrician, for his 4 month well baby visit.  As the nurse put him on the table to measure his height she goes.... wow, his foot is white.  She kept pinching it to see the capillary refill- there was none.  So I knew I wasn't crazy the last two days thinking something was wrong.  When the doctor came in, of coarse it wasn't as bad.  This happens so intermittently that I really do start questioning if I am just paranoid.  Dr. Lei checked things out and couldn't feel a pulse at all anywhere in his right leg.  This was very concerning to him... obviously.  He went right in and called up to the cardiologists at Primary's.  They said come directly there, and don't make any stops. 
Brad's work was on the way so we did make a tiny detour to get him, I wasn't about to do this alone.  In the meantime I called a neighbor to take care of Ashlyn and Tanner, called my boss at 24 hour Fitness to get my class covered for the night, and tried not to panic.  The last few days I knew something wasn't right- its not normal for your leg to change colors and not have a pulse, but I was never freaking out. I knew things were okay, but I also knew we needed to be sure and check everything out.
Two different Cardiologists checked Logan out at the Hospital.  Of coarse when they were looking at him his leg never turned white.  They said they could "kind of" feel a faint pulse in his leg, and they thought he would be okay.  This wasn't OKAY with us, we wanted to be sure.  So we insisted he have an ultra-sound.  His leg did turn white for the Radiologist, but the blood flow through his femoral artery looked great.  They compared his right leg to his left leg and it was significantly different, but they weren't sure why.  The Radiologist talked with both Cardiologists and they agreed that although it was weird, they weren't too worried.  So they said to keep giving him Aspirin to avoid any blood clots and they sent us on our way.

There you have it.... just another day in the life of the Gunnell's. 
Brad and I were calm through the whole thing.  My mom on the other hand was SO worried.  She was just leaving out of town when she heard we were on our way to the hospital.  She decided she wasn't going anymore because she was so worried about Logan- I insisted she go.  I knew he was going to be okay.  There were so many prayers said for him, and I KNOW they always help.  We have so much support.  My neighbor not only took care of Ashlyn and Tanner she also cleaned my house, and had dinner made for us when we got home. 
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