The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look who went to Nursery!

It would probably be more appropriate to say, "Look who's mom finally allowed him to go to nursery!"

I had a friend over with her little baby a few weeks ago, and I couldn't believe how mean Logan was!  He wouldn't share and wanted to hit the baby... sheesh, what kind of mom am I!  Then it dawns on me, why would he know how to do those things... he has never had to do it before.  His brother and sister (okay and mom) give him whatever he wants and let's be honest he doesn't get out much!  So last Sunday when I was sitting home from Church with him and he was asking to watch a movie at 9 am, I decided it was time for Nursery.  He needs social interaction, and he needs something to do other than watch movies. 
My ward created as "germ free" of nursery as possible for him and told me to just let them know when we were ready to bring him.  The toys are only used for his nursery and there are only 5 kids (including him) in the nursery- all the other kids belong to the Primary Presidency and they have promised they won't bring them if they even suspect they are sick.  And heck, I figured he has already had RSV so why not!

He was so excited when I told him we were going.  He grabbed his essentials... Binky, blanket, and monkey and was ready to go!
 He went in looking like a baby! 
 (I did confiscate all his items before he left the car)!
 And came home looking like a big kid!
 Look at him walk with such confidence!  He loved nursery!  His teacher is AMAZING, and was so sweet with him.  He loved singing time and snacks, and didn't want to leave!  Oh, what was I so worried about!


  1. What a great milestone!! Grant got RSV last February and I was SO grateful that he still had his Synagis on board... I think the cold part of it that he passed on to me was worse than what he went through! We started taking Grant to nursery when he turned 2 and it was a great experience. Our nursery leaders were SO good. We had to keep him out many times when visitors came (I watch in sacrament like a hawk to see what visitors are there and if anyone in their family looks AT ALL sick!), but we had a great experience. They just moved Grant into Sunbeams (with the group just older than him since he didn't turn three till March) and I have been shocked at how well he has transitioned in with the big kids. Hooray for huge milestones!!

  2. yay!!! Go Logan! What a sweet little guy! I love the binky smile picture. I am so worried about nursery. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

  3. OMG - look at him!!! Such a little boy. We miss him sooooo much. It's funny b/c Kellen's favorite toy is Monkey too (the exact same one Logan is holding). We need to catch up soon!!