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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Riddance February

I know February is LONG gone, but just to be clear we are all very glad February is behind us!

It started out just fine....
We celebrated CHD awareness week and sported all of our red clothes all week.  My eyes have been so opened this last year and a half, and I hope to spread awareness of CHD's in some small way.

As a "heart mom" there are a few things that scare the hebee jeebees out of you (okay more than a few).  Top of the list is handing your child over for surgery and all that comes with that.  Surgery set aside the thing the doctors drill into your head that you NEED to protect your baby from is RSV.  A respiratory virus that is BRUTAL on any baby, but for a heart kid is never good.  To help protect our kids from this virus most heart kids will qualify for a shot called Synagis.  It is a monthly injection of antibodies that help protect against RSV... a very expensive monthly injection I might add- $6,100 a month.  Yes that is per month and no I didn't add an extra zero.  Logan qualified for 5 of these shots... you do the math!  We hit our out of pocket max the first week of January this year!
Anyway, Logan was lucky enough to contract RSV and pneumonia at the same time. 

 This is kind of how he felt all month!  Just YUCKY!  Thanks to the Synagis injections his case didn't require hospitalization.  We did visit the suction clinic at the new University of Utah Hospital in Daybreak- we were their very first patients, and got the royal treatment (although I don't think he thought it was that royal). 
 Despite it all Logan surprised us all and recovered really well.  His pediatrician saw him almost every day and kept waiting for him to get worse and he never did... yeah and a surprise to us all!
 These pictures made me laugh because Logan has to sit inside of EVERYTHING!  Whether he fits or not, he will try to weasel himself in there.
 Goodbye February, and all the yucky germs!

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  1. So glad he got over it and it didn't get worse! It's a love hate relationship with that Synagis...