The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cardiology Appointment

Well, we didn't make it a year in-between cardiology appointments, but 6 months isn't too bad.  When we called Logan's cardiologist earlier in the year with concerns of his saturations dropping and him sleeping more he decided he needed to see us sooner than October.  We had that appointment on Monday.

We weren't sure how Logan would do with the Echo.  We knew it could either go really good if he decided to cooperate or really, really bad if he got nervous.  We were prepared with movies, suckers, books, cars, bubbles, Ipods... (you get the picture), we had an entire bag of tricks ready!  We didn't need any of it, he was AMAZING or "golden" as the tech doing the echo said.  He just layed there chillin' watching Dora and holding my hand.  The tech was able to get good images of everything they were needing. 

Now on to our visit with the Dr.  He was pleased with the Echo and said his heart was functioning as it should.  But then he started addressing my answer to the little paper you fill out for every appointment about if symptoms have changed.  Yes, he has blue spells, yes to change in breathing and exercise intolerance, and yes to a few more.  He had watched Logan dance around and saw how winded he got.  And I just mentioned how winded he gets simply walking 10 feet.  I thought this was normal single ventricle kid behavior.  I knew they had lower endurance with so little of their blood being oxygenated.  But Dr. Mack said Logan sounds extreme and he is getting too winded.  He literally gasps for air after any exertion.  He should be able to play a little more "normal."  His saturations have dropped from 86% when we were there in October to 77% this visit.  So after discussing many different options Dr. Mack felt like Logan needs to be sent to the Cath Lab to see if there are collaterals and narrowing in the Pulmonary Arteries.  After reviewing his x-ray he thinks the Pulmonary Arteries might have stenosis or scar tissure around them.  He also talked a lot about the Azgous Vein that he thought could be working against Logan getting more blood oxygenated. 
So this is where we sit... waiting for that DARN scheduling lady to call us to schedule his cath.  I know you heart moms know just how I feel.  I kind of thought maybe in a month or so they would get us into the lab, but Dr. Mack wanted us to monitor his saturations/HR a little more closely this week while he was sleeping and at different times.  So we have been communicating with him all week.  When I talked to him on Wednesday he had talked to Dr. Gray in the Cath Lab and was trying to get Logan in in the next week or two before we leave out of town on the 22nd.  This alarmed me that he was trying to get him in so fast.  So I have been a STRESS case all week.  I take my phone into the bathroom when I shower so I don't miss the scheduling call because who knows if you miss it when you will get back in touch!
  I have been OBSESSED with Logan's o2 sats.  I feel like I have been nieve and ignorant and completely negligent in monitoring him because I haven't monitored him at night for MONTHS and I only spot check him during the day for a few minutes while he is sitting on my lap.  The first night I watched his numbers as he slept, I just had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I watched him drop into the 60's and see is HR go up to try and compensate.  The poor little guys heart is working overtime trying to compensate for lack of oxygenated blood.  I tried putting oxygen on him yesterday as he was again in the low 70's and dipping into the 60's with any exertion and I can not get him to leave the cannula on (or let me even get the cannula close to his nose)!  If he sits on the couch and watches a movie his numbers will get into the high 70's... so we are watching a lot of movies, doing blow by at night, and praying that they will find some answers in the Cath Lab soon. 


  1. Heidi, I'm so sorry! I will keep you guys in my prayers. Love you!

  2. oh man, this roller coaster is not easy. Little Logan will be in my prayers. It's a good thing these doctors are so amazing. I hope scheduling calls you soon!

  3. He sounds a lot like Grant was before his pre Fontan cath... Grant's sats were almost always in the high 60's and we did our best to stick 2 blow by masks in his bed (one attached to tanks and one to the concentrator) both at 6 liters to hope that he might get some of the benefit since he wouldn't keep a cannula on either. After his cath lab trip and 4 HUGE veins coiled off, his sats were back in the high 70's again. I was amazed at the different and we will hope and pray that Logan just has some pesky collaterals causing all of the drama. Waiting for the scheduling call is terrible!! Call them just to put the bug in their ear. We will be checking in!

  4. It is so crazy Severin and Logan have the same concerns, collaterals, or PA. Hey maybe we could see you on the 16th?? Too bad they only do one at a time we would make great waiting buddies. I hope you get the call soon. And on to a vacation!