The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who Wants a Kiss?

Anyone want a kiss from this face???
Logan is blowing you that kiss.... okay, not really.  He is really trying to cram more chocolate chip muffin into his mouth!  Our little guy who wanted nothing to do with solid foods a month ago has had a change of opinion since he started eating "real" people food.  He LOVES to eat whatever we are eating, and I will be the first to admit he is spoiled rotten and I let him eat whatever he whines for.  Geeeez, what kind of mom have I become!  I do make sure that he gets his veggies in, but he also gets the good stuff.  I was eating a sucker the other day and he looked at me weird and smiled, then just reached up and grabbed it out of my mouth and put it in his mouth all in a matter of seconds.  This kid has FAST hands, and he is a smart one!  You can't feed him green beans while you are eating ice cream.... HE KNOWS!!

We have caught a few glimpses of Spring around here... I want more than a glimpse now, I want it to STAY!  I feel like we are slowly coming out of our cave and living a little.  Logan has LOVED getting out of the house.  (Notice- no oxygen.  We have been testing him off it little bits at a time.  He usually does great, but I am so paranoid and don't dare to go longer than an hour or further than the backyard).
 As GREAT as Logan is looking, it is funny how little things just wear him out.  Spending time outside the other day was completely exhausting for him.  He had 4 naps that day.  He has been getting so stir crazy being home all the time.  We have noticed such a difference in his mood when we get him out to new places.  He is so much happier.  I took him to the mall the other day with my sister (his first time at the mall) and he looked around in complete amazement.  He loved all the new things to look at.  He made friends with all the girls at Sephora and loved the mirrors!
 I have been "reminded" several times this week that I haven't posted anything for awhile... it is because I am FINALLY doing things like going to the mall (well, at least once)!  We are still ultra cautious with taking Logan places, but it is nice to have a little bit warmer weather and hopefully a little less sickness.  He had another Synagis shot (vaccine to fight RSV) yesterday- we are hoping that it will be the last one of the season.  The doctor said he had a few patients that day who came in with RSV so we are not out of the woods yet, but the cases are getting less and less.  He is growing- weighing in at a whopping 18lbs. 14 oz. so he has gained 12 oz. this month.  We are so pleased with his progress.  He has decided that rolling is for the birds and refuses to do it anymore.  Instead he scoots around on his rear end, but he is moving and that is so exhilarating to him.  Life is good.


  1. Just don't become the Mom who lets her kid eat the snacks in the cart before they are even paid for. You hand the checker an empty bag of iced animal crackers, she looks at you as if to ask was it you or the kid who ate all of these. And you try to hide the sprinkles stuck in your teeth. hee hee I love the fact he is eating and growing so well!

  2. Good job on the weight gain Logan!! Braden still gets to eat anything he wants because I think we'll be worried about his weight forever. And Synagis is a lifesaver. I remember the first time I tools Braden to target (12 mon) he was literally awe struck, lol. You should do the zoo, lots to see but outdoors so it's win win!

  3. I just love that sweet boy! I'm glad you have been out enjoying yourself. I always figure no news is good news, and it looks like there has been a lot of it!

  4. Such CUTE photos!! I love that you give him anything he wants. With that cute face, how can you deny it? :)