The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Bed....

Not for Logan, but for me!  YES, I have succumbed and am probably creating a bigger problem, but I was THAT desperate for sleep!  I now have a bed in Logan's room, and I have to admit it has made a world of difference.  I wish I would have "moved" in there months ago.  It has become the family joke of musical beds, which bed will we find mom in when we wake up.  Ashlyn and Tanner know if I am asleep in Logan's room it was a rough night and they just color or something until Logan and I emerge from the room.  (I am not in there every night, just the hard ones.  And in-case any of you are freaking out, I don't let Logan sleep in the bed too.  He is still in his crib.)  It just makes life so much easier for feeding and not having to walk to a different room a million times a night.
 We had to take the closet doors off to get the bed to fit.  Every square inch of his wall is covered in furniture!
Logan has a new bed time routine the last 2 weeks.  He has got things figured out!  He acts so tired around 8:00pm when we put Ashlyn and Tanner to bed so I feed him and put him in his crib.  We get Ashlyn and Tanner tucked in, and then Logan wakes back up.  So he gets a 20 minute power nap and then knows after that he can have mom and dad to himself for snuggle time.  So he yells until we take him out of his crib.  He hangs out with us for about an hour and then is ready to go back to bed.  Neither Brad or I mind because for this hour all he wants to do is snuggle, and it is the only time he holds still and lets us snuggle him!  So again we succumb to this little boy who has everyone wrapped around his little finger! 


  1. Oh I know those nights!! We had a twin bed in with the crib as well since I spent just about every night in Grant's room after a while! Hang in there... it will get better. The sleep thing was the hardest thing for me. Finally at age 2, I think that Grant finally has it figured out and we are only up a few times a night at most (compared to 18 months of 6+ times a night!). I hope your new bed helps make things a little more comfortable for you both!

  2. It will get easier. You gotta do what you gotta do. I remember thinking a lot of nights that I was going to just climb in the crib with him to get some sleep, so a bed is much nicer. Thanks for your card, you are too sweet.

  3. Well, at least your not waking with a sore...back, hips, etc. after a night on the floor. Zoe is the same as Logan, little catnap, then play time (but Zoe's play lasts longer than an hour), then back to bed. Who can tell her no? Not me!

    Hugs to you and the kiddos.

  4. I love how smart he is! Who doesn't love a sweet little snuggle session? I'm glad you are getting some sleep too - no matter HOW! He is such a cute little guy how could he NOT have you all wrapped around his finger? What honestly impresses me the most is that even your bed is coordinated for his room. It would be some old quilt and sheets if it was at my house :)

  5. laughing myself silly, oh wait that is my normal delirium. I'm with Rachel, so very impressed with the matchy match. At least when he outgrows the crib you will already have bedding. My bedding only slightly matches Severins' lighthouses and sail boats. Mine is Nelehs' future bedding carousel horses. Might I recommend Jersey knit sheets. I thought I'd hate them but they are actually very snuggly. Because I do sleep with Severin most nights, my arms get cold but the knit sheets just wrap around my body so then I can be warm and Sev. is not under the blankets. I know we can't make this too comfy for ourselves or we will never return to our Husbands, but its ok for now.I know Brad, eyeroll. I love that it is Brad and Logan in the pict. not you passed out in the bed. Oh and please tell me you only made the bed for the picture op, not that you always make your extra bed. If so, I'm such a slacker.