The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pictures and Heart Day (aka Valentine's Day)

(I am not by any means a photographer, but my sister wanted to see some recent pictures of Logan, and I wanted to show off his new shirt and blanket so we had a little photo shoot in his room the other night.)
 A fellow heart mom and life long friend, Caryn, made this shirt for Logan.  I am overwhelmed with the support and love we have gotten from the heart community.  They are the most amazing people with the biggest hearts. 
Logan was also given this beautiful blanket from another fellow heart mom, Elizabeth (someone who I have never met), in honor of her son Jake that passed away from CHD.  I feel honored to have one of "jakey's blankies". (check out his button on the side of my blog)

Logan loves his blankie.
Logan with all his soft and furry friends.  Every animal given to him by someone who loves him.
Look at the chub coming back on his tummy.... he is kicking CHD in the rear end!

Now that you got to see all the pictures of my handsome little dude you can choose to read or ignore the ramblings of his mom!  With yesterday being Valentine's Day I had a few thoughts.  Hearts mean a lot more to us this year.  Logan is teaching us so much- in every aspect of hearts; the physical heart, the emotional heart, and the spiritual heart.  And I am sure there is still so much for us to learn. 
We were able to go to Paul Cardall's concert last night (well at least most of it, that was the longest we have left Logan (since surgery), and Brad's parents were awesome, but his limit was 3 hours so we had to skip out a little early).  I was overwhelmed listening and watching Paul Cardall play.  It is surreal seeing him as an adult and knowing the odds he has defied.  Logan is taking a similar journey, but 37 years later when medicine has advanced so much.  There is so much hope for these heart kiddos- even if they are only functioning on half a heart. Paul shared a quote that I have been trying to find online, but can't find it, but it said something like,
"God is closest to the broken hearted."
It is so true... I am grateful this Valentine's Day more than ever for HEARTS.


  1. Oh, you make me blush! I am glad he heart community is so amazing, I just wish it's membership wasn't so big. Liz is amazing. She made Braden a kid size blanket and he sleeps with it every night. Her goal is to get every child born in AZ (or that she hears about) a Jakey Blankie- and it is solely done by donations, so thanks so much for putting up her button! (There is a picture of us at Ethan's Run together just FYI)

    And I am so happy the shirt fit. I figured while I was doing the Team Braden ones, Logan needed one of his own. I am so jealous you go to go to the Paul Cardell concert, I had my nephew get some of his t-shirts from the fundraiser at Jordan- they said "The Beet goes on" cute huh?

  2. I'm so glad you spill your guts and share everything you have on this blog. It has been such an inspiration for me! I'm thinking about you guys!!

  3. Great pictures! I am so happy to see Logan doing so well. He's as cute as ever!

  4. Such a cutie!!! And I LOVE his shirt! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog, I remember looking to 'older' kids as well for hope, so I'm thrilled we could do the same for you :) Hope Logan is doing well! Best wishes...