The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the mend

Yes, we are home.  I haven't gotten a single second to myself to update the blog, but we are home and Logan is doing SO much better. 
So what is the scoop?  A big fat ? Still not sure what was going on with our little guy this weekend.  It kind of felt like a guessing game all weekend.  The doctors were all grasping at straws to give us answers, but bottom line might be there are no answers.  It is the general consensus that it was probably just a virus that caused him to spike his fevers, which then caused him to not want to eat or drink, which then made him dehydrated which caused an elevated HR and decreased blood volume leading to lower saturation levels.  It is a vicious cycle, and it can get out of control fast.  Lesson learned... I will do whatever it takes to keep him hydrated so we can avoid another 3 day hospital stay in the future.  His blood work did show he was fighting off an infection, but they were never able to pinpoint what that was so they gave him mega doses of antibiotics that pretty much wipe out anything, and once they were able to rehydrate him his HR stabilized.  They discharged us and we went right to his pediatrician who found double ear infections.  Yes, 4 different doctors looked in his ears at the hospital, but ear infections have a way of sneaking up fast.  Ears can be clear one day and have infections the next day.  His ped thinks they are just the tail end of whatever he was fighting.
So we are glad to be home.  He has been fever free since we left the hospital.  The hardest thing for me is I feel like we have taken 10 steps backwards.  All the progress we made over the last 6 weeks feels like it has been flushed down the toilet.  I was so excited for his 1 year well visit with his ped. to show him he was off oxygen, sleeping through the night, and done nursing.  Now none of those things are happening.  He is back on oxygen full time, sleeping horribly, and only nursing.  We'll figure it all out again though.  He is happy to be home, and we are so thankful he is okay.  His cardiologist called to check on him and again reassured me that his heart looks fine so that is good news.
So onward and upward we go.  We will take it as it comes.  This was our first ER experience and I'm sure not our last.  I will be more prepared next time ( the thought never even crossed my mind that we would be staying, I just wanted them to tell me his heart was okay then send us home).  But alas CHD is a bugger.  Even a simple virus can just wipe these kiddos out.  So back to life on chords and tanks and sleepless nights, but it will get better, and I love him even more. 
I'll leave you with this quote and a few pics of the cute little guy.  "...Heaven's kindness will never depart from you, regardless of what happens... bad days come to an end, faith always triumphs, and heavenly promises are always kept."  Jeffery R. Holland

It's just not fair... still in his birthday get up. 
 This was Monday morning after a very long night for both of us!

 We were on contact precaution the entire time since they didn't know what he had, so we were never allowed to leave the room.  It got pretty boring.

 A cup and tongue depressor was the favorite toy.

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  1. I love that kid! I have the PCMC "to go" bag in my closet. Just the basics I need for 48 hours - that was our standard "visit". I hope all continues to heal. Everyday is a forward motion.