The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Thursday, April 28, 2011

San Diego

At Logan's last cardiologist appointment the doc said take a vacation... so we did!
I needed sunshine, and Logan needed somewhere close enough that we could drive.  So off we went to San Diego.  Logan was a pretty good little traveler.  And his little heart thrived at Sea Level.  He was off oxygen the entire time, even at night (sats around 84% asleep so probably even higher awake- he just never held still long enough for me to get a good reading when he was awake).  
It was overcast most of the time which ended up being a blessing.  At first I was really bummed about the weather, but then we saw how sensitive this little guys skin is, and I am so glad it wasn't blazing hot the whole time.  With 50 SPF sunblock applied throughout the day and a hat at all times he still got sunburned.
The cutest little tourist you have ever seen!
I got my CHD heart necklace right before we left.  Logan loves holding on to it (and loves to try and get it into his mouth).  I know it is no secret that I absolutely LOVE this little boy.

He perfected the art of waving (beauty pageant style) and clapping while we were there.  He loved waving at all the people and when we would clap during the shows he would grin and look around wondering what he did that was so cool (we always clap for him when he does something exciting).  He would light up every time we clapped and would start clapping too. 
Ashlyn and Tanner had such a great time and didn't ever stop going until they crashed in bed every night.
Traveling with a baby is never easy- a baby with health issues and a paranoid mom is even harder.  Thank goodness we had Grandma and Grandpa to help out.  We couldn't have made it without them.  They SAVED us and saved our kids from us.  Ashlyn and Tanner stayed in their room with them so when Logan was up every 2-3 hours during the night he didn't keep them awake (yes, he really was up that much... little stinker)!  And they LOVED being with Grandma and Grandpa.

Logan LOVED the beach.  He would scoot around in the sand and it was priceless watching the sheer joy on his face.
Check out his "bum print" behind him.  He is still scooting on his little bum everywhere he goes.
One happy kiddo!
It was great to get away and feel somewhat "normal"- for us and for Logan.  I know as Logan gets older we are going to have to find that delicate balance between protecting him and letting him live a normal life.  It was great to get away and make so many great memories as a family.  I sometimes forget that the last year has been just as hard on Ashlyn and Tanner as it has for the rest of us.  They needed this vacation and attention probably the most. 


  1. Oh how wonderful! I'm SO happy to see that you guys were able to get out and have a wonderful time in California. I love that last picture of Ashlyn and Logan - how sweet! You have such a wonderful family I miss you tons.

  2. What a great trip, what fun pictures! I'm glad you were able to be normal. Super excited to see you! And hear the details.

  3. Good for you guys! It looks like you had a great time. Logan may demand a move to So Cal with those sea level sats :) Hugs!

  4. Hi you lovely family . . for whatever Gods reason I fell yesterday over your blog.
    Please I would like to get in touch with you. . . .find me on FB Diana Prins . .my picture is my son of 4 yrs and I (pink top) hugging . . .and we live in South Africa . .am looking forward. Much love and blessings. Diana