The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I had an interesting cycle class this morning.  Who knew that riding a bike could make you emotional-then again when you are tired it doesn't take much.  Thank goodness I was sweating so much that you couldn't tell the difference between my tears and my sweat.  I pushed my class harder than I have pushed them in a really long time today.  My poor class!  As my legs were burning and my lungs were screaming at me to back off, all I wanted to do was push harder.  The stress and anxiety of the last few weeks found its outlet.  I motivated my class to keep working and push through the workout because they COULD.  They have these amazing bodies that are strong and allow them to do this- so don't you dare stop pedaling when it gets a little uncomfortable!  The whole time in the back of my mind the thoughts behind the emotion was, "Will my little baby EVER know what its like to work like this?"  
I had these same thoughts the other day when I took Ashlyn and Tanner to "Bouncing Off the Walls."  By the name of the place I'm sure you can imagine what it is, but I have pictures to demonstrate!  They were crazy jumping in the bounce house, going down an INSANELY long slide.  It was so fun watching them have fun together and play until their faces were bright red and they were exhausted, but I couldn't help but wonder how Logan would fit into the mix.  Will he ever be able to play like that with his siblings?  Will I ever dare let him play like that???  What limits will his little heart put on him?

I guess in the meantime I will help him feel as "normal" as possible, and do what his siblings do.  He loves Halloween candy just as much as Ashlyn and Tanner... only for different reasons.  They all make such a fun crinkly noise!  His favorite thing lately is delving into the bowl of leftover candy (I haven't thrown it out yet because it keeps him so entertained).  I think he thinks he is eating big boy food too.... we have him fooled!  If he only knew what it tasted like with the wrapper off!


  1. I think the SAME thing! I run because I can. I can't believe how RED Logans hair is! Oh he is a handsome boy!

  2. In the same breathe, what experiences and blessings will Logan have that the rest of us won't? The trials and experiences he goes through will shape who he is...but just as importantly will shape you and the rest of us that have the blessing of knowing and being with him. Keep on smiling!