The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Monday, March 10, 2014

Life post-fontan

I picked a few pictures to sum up the last 6 weeks.  I haven't been blogging because we have been living!  I was told we would get to a point where life feels almost "normal," I have decided that life is normal and we will live each day the best we can.  Logan is doing great and we will enjoy the good days as long as we can. 
Shortly after we returned home a cute girl in my neighborhood came to visit Logan and brought all the kids a gift.  She told me her boyfriend had read our blog with her and had been through all these same surgeries.  She brought him over for a visit the next week, and he was so kind to let me badger him with questions!  He brought us HOPE.  Talking with him made me realize Logan CAN live a "normal" life and he can be happy.  Thanks Megan and Troy! 
Logan and Troy

We had a great snow storm the end of January, and this was the first time Logan was really able to play in the snow.  I usually hate the snow.  Most of the time I watch out the window wrapped in a blanket while Brad plays with the kids!  This time I dropped the kids off at school and Logan and I played and built Olaf together.  It was a good day.  I think we were able to stay out for over an hour without lips turning blue and him not getting totally exhausted.  (P.S. we only took the gloves off to stick the eyes and carrot in, he was wearing gloves).
 We were blessed with some really warm days in February (unusual around here, but we will take them)!  Logan and I were out running errands when I realized we were driving past Wheeler Farm.  I flipped a U-turn and asked Logan if he wanted to go visit the animals.  (That is so not like me to stop and do something that is not "planned").  It was the BEST afternoon.  I wouldn't wish a sick child on anyone, but I will tell you it has taught me to cherish every day.  I stop to make memories because I just don't know how long I have to make the memories.  I really try to not get caught up on the what ifs and worse case scenarios.  But I am not naïve either. 
Not having to carry around an oxygen tank really broadens our horizon.  We can do so much more, and to see him be able to walk on his own and climb and play just warms my heart.

Playing at the park with his buddy, Samatha... I tell you folks we are LIVING.

In other news and progress... Logan is now fully potty trained!  HOORAY!  Once he decided he could do it, it was a piece of cake and he hasn't looked back.  He is eating a little bit better and has put on a little weight.  And Ashlyn got him to throw his binky away the other night ( I will do a separate post on that).  It was a BIG deal!  He has grown up so much, and is happy and doing great. 

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  1. Yay for living!!! He looks so good. There is nothing better than playing at the park. Here's to a fabulous spring! :)