The Journey of a Sweet Little Boy and His Special Heart

Friday, November 1, 2013

A new surgery date/Halloween Pics

Our lives just sped up a bit!  CHOP called and had an earlier surgery date come available.  We will now fly to Philadelphia Dec. 11th.  Pre-op will be the 12th, MRI the 13th, and surgery the 16th. 
5 weeks
I have a lot to do!
Sooner is better, he is ready. 
It calms my heart a little to not have surgery on a holiday too.  I didn't doubt that we would receive great care regardless of the day, but this is better... for a lot of reasons.
We hope to make it home for Christmas, but if we don't that is okay (reality is we probably won't and we really are okay with that).  Who says Christmas can't come a few days late.
I don't want to tell Logan about the surgery and cause him any unnecessary anxiety, but I have been trying to drop hints here and there.  Yesterday as we were eating lunch I asked him if he wanted the doctor to fix his special heart so he didn't have to wear oxygen anymore.  He thought about if for a minute and said, "No it's okay mom, I wike my oxygen it helps feel me better." I guess that approach won't work!
So I said, well do you want the doctor to fix your special heart so you can run fast like Tanner?  To this he enthusiastically answered, "YES! I want to run really really fast like Tanner."  This from the little boy who tuckered out after trick-or-treating at 5 whole houses (and that was with a wagon).  Soon buddy, you will be able to run fast like Tanner.
 He had his final cardiology appointment here in Utah before we head out to CHOP.  It was a great appointment.  He was nervous, but a little bribery went a LONG way. He was most anxious about getting his picture taken (x-ray) and the stickers they put on him for the ECG.  I told him if he was brave and let them do it I would take him to Target to buy a new car.  This worked wonders.  He walked into the x-ray room and took his own shirt off and stood right where he needed too (unfortunately he knows this drill all too well).  I asked him to give me a thumbs up because I was so proud of him, he said, "no, I do it this way" and gave me a thumbs down!  He wasn't happy to be there, but by golly he wanted a new car so he was just going to get it done!
He was afraid the blood pressure cuff was going to break his arm, and he didn't like them pressing on his tummy.  But we made it through with the help of his good friend Spider Man, and he got a new car!

 The crew ready to go trick or treating!
 His heart buddy Enzo stopped by for trick-or-treating.  These boys are something special!
Halloween in style... wouldn't you love to ride in a wagon!

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  1. Oh how I love this boy! I am so excited to see him run fast like Tanner too! You can do this